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Officials from largest US Islamic charity promote antisemitism

Source: The Middle East Forum

Islamic Relief , the largest Islamic charity in America, is run and staffed by individuals who promote antisemitism, a
new report shows

Senior officials of Islamic Relief (IR), the largest Islamic charity in America, promote antisemitism, reports Islamist Watch, a Middle East Forum (MEF) project.

The chairman of IR-USA is Khaled Lamada, a prominent Egyptian-American who has a long history of involvement with Muslim Brotherhood-linked organizations.

He is not shy in publicly expressing his support for Islamist causes. His social media accounts are filled with Muslim Brotherhood insignia.

According to the Islamist Watch report, Lamada promotes hateful attitudes toward Jews and admires violence against Israel. Lamada has circulated text praising the “jihad” of the “Mujahidin of Egypt” for “causing the Jews many defeats.” He has shared posts on Facebook that praise Hamas for inflicting a “huge defeat” against the “Zionist entity.”

Lamada is not the only promoter of antisemitism running America’s largest Islamic charity, the report shows.