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German court dismisses soldier for denying Israel’s existence

Source: Jpost

court in Hanover in the state of Lower Saxony affirmed in June the German armed
forces’ decision to discharge a soldier because of his rejection of Israel’s
right to exist and support for the US- and EU-classified terrorist organization


soldier of Afghan background lashed out at Israel, Jews and the United States
during questioning by Germany’s military counter-intelligence service (MAD) in


to the legal decision obtained by The Jerusalem Post on Friday, the unnamed
soldier said “Fuck the Jews and the USA” and justified support for Hamas and
Fatah. The German military determined in March that the soldier’s comments
violated Germany’s anti-hate law. MAD said the soldier also rejected Israel’s
legitimacy as a state.


court stated that the soldier’s pro-Hamas and anti-Israel assertions are
incompatible with military conduct in Germany’s free, democratic social order.


February, the soldier denied he is a supporter of Islamist groups and merely
stated his position toward Israel. He added it does not matter to him what
Israel does.


soldier started his service in 2016 and planned to serve until 2024. The
court’s decision said he claimed he had language difficulties because he was
raised in Afghanistan and has only been in the Federal Republic for a few
years. The soldier denied his allegedly anti-Jewish and anti-American statements
when questioned by MAD. He said he is a Shi’ite and has showed sympathy for his
religious brethren.


Hanover court wrote there are no indications that MAD verified false statements
from the soldier. The court said he is required to pay roughly €7,600 for costs
associated with his appeal.