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Racist violence recording network – 2016 annual report

Source: rvrn

The Racist Violence Recording Network (RVRN) presented
today its 2016
annual report
, analyzing the quantitative and qualitative findings of
racist violence and hate crime recordings by the 37 organizations participating
in the Network. 


Between January and December 2016, the RVRN documented,
through interviews, 95 incidents of racist violence involving more than 130
victims. In 31 incidents, migrants or refugees were targeted due to their
national or ethnic origin, religion or colour and in 1 incident the staff of
humanitarian organizations and the building intended to host refugees were
targeted. One incident was recorded of a journalist who covers the refugee
crisis being targeted. In 57 incidents, LGBTQI+ people or those linked to them
were targeted. In 5 incidents, sacred or symbolic places and the Jewish
community were targeted. In 31 incidents, more than one victim was targeted,
while in 54 cases the attack was committed by two or more people.