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Struggle against Antisemitism United States

Neo-Nazi on the run after Montana Jewish woman sues him

Source: worldisraelnews

Andrew Anglin, one of America’s most notorious antisemites, is said to be on the run and in hiding in order to avoid a lawsuit filed by a Montana Jewish woman.

Tanya Gersh, a Jewish real estate agent in Whitefish, Montana, is charging Anglin with orchestrating an anti-Semitic “campaign of terror” that included hateful messages from anonymous internet trolls. She and her family were subjected to a barrage of emails, phone calls, texts and social media comments with messages replete with slurs and Holocaust references.

The trolling campaign started in December after Daily Stormer founder Anglin published the family’s personal information, including the 12-year-old’s twitter handle and photo. In a string of posts, Anglin accused Gersh and
other Jewish residents of Whitefish of engaging in an “extortion racket” against the mother of white nationalist Richard Spencer.