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List of most antisemitic user accounts to be found online

Source: nrg

On the eve of Holocaust Remembrance Day, anti-Semitism on the Internet is thriving, completely undeterred. The Ministry of Diaspora Affairs published today (Sunday) worrisome information regarding Holocaust denial on social networks on the internet, including a list of the most virulently anti-Semitic Holocaust deniers, which was determined in turn by the number of their posts, the number of their followers, the frequency with which they posted and “virility” of the various accounts.


The list includes the Twitter accounts of the French comedian Dieudonne, known for his anti-Semitic remarks, and the American politician David Duke, a former leader of the Ku Klux Klan.


1. The Twitter account “national socialist” with more than 27,000 followers:


2. The Twitter account “Viva Eropa” with more than 16 thousand followers:


3. The Twitter account of the “American Nazi Party” with 12,600 followers:

4. The Twitter account “Philosophile” with 12,900 followers:


5. The Twitter account “Renegade #HappyGoy” with more than nine thousand followers:


6. David Duke’s Twitter and Facebook accounts with 34.5 thousand followers and more than 22,000 followers, respectively:


7. Alain Soral’s Twitter and Facebook accounts with more than 49,000 followers and 156,000 likes respectively:


8. Dieudonne’s Twitter and Facebook accounts with 141,000 followers and 1,270,839 likes, respectively:



According to data provided by Ministry of the Diaspora, over 7,500 tweets purporting denial and ridicule of the Holocaust have been posted on Twitter in English over this past month, and more than seven million visitors have been exposed to them. The average number of followers garnered by anti-Semitic posters is 4,500, a number indicating that the networks of incitement are rapidly expanding.


Holocaust deniers object to three main parameters regarding the Holocaust. According to them, the number of victims is to be estimated ranging from 300,000 to one million and they were to have been killed as part of the war campaign wedged among the superpowers; in executing the killings, no gas chambers were used; and the Nazis did not have a specific policy aimed at the extermination of the Jews, for which no order was given.