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Antisemitic incidents China תעמולה

Holocaust denial in Chinese media


Below is
information received from one of our readers:


I live in China, and in the last few weeks I’ve
been alarmed at the amount of antisemitic propaganda being published by Baidu
News. Baidu is China’s equivalent of Google, so it reaches a truly enormous
readership, and is state owned.

This article was published recently, and
essentially denies that the holocaust really happened, and the number of Jews
really killed numbered only in the “tens of thousands.”

There is also this article
published, which claims that the Jews themselves have responsibility for the
holocaust for being too greedy and self-interested.

There have been many such articles published
recently. Another one, while not as overtly antisemitic, propagates a false
rumour that Hitler had respect for China but looked down on the Japanese,
because when he was poor he was selflessly helped by a Chinese family living in
Vienna, meaning he felt great gratitude to China.

Needless to say, this sort of false information
promotes sympathy for Hitler within China and therefore support for
anti-semitism, and it is shocking that these lies are allowed to be published
in what is effectively state media. I personally am outraged by this, and
strongly feel that Baidu should be held accountable for this and be pressured
to issue a correction and apology.