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Antisemitic incidents China תעמולה

Antisemitism in China: Zahavi is a shrewd Jew

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Guangzhou – Chinese media has been busy speculating these past few days about the future of Eran Zahavi and whether he would stay in Guangzhou R & F or prefer to join one of the other major football teams in the country, provided he will be offered a higher salary and the opportunity to play alongside bigger football stars and compete for titles.


In a column published today (Sunday) on one of the leading websites in the country, some very unflattering terms have been used to describe the football player, some of which almost reek of Antisemitism: “Zahavi doesn’t keep his thoughts to himself. His ways are the ways of a shrewd Jew, like so many other Jews around the world”. The columnist keeps taking jabs at the Israeli star: “Naturally he made hints about joining other players and did not say a word about his salary… this is a psychological game.”