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Jews targeted most in post-election hate crime spree – NYPD

Source: timesofisrael

New York Police Department said it has seen a dramatic rise in hate crimes
following the election of Donald Trump, with the majority of incidents directed
at Jews.


has been a 115 percent increase in bias crimes in New York City following
Election Day, with Jews being targeted in 24 of the 43 incidents during that
nearly monthlong period. The anti-Semitic incidents represented a threefold
increase from November 2015, The New York Observer reported.


total, hate crimes have increased 35% from 2015, the NYPD’s chief of detectives,
Robert Boyce, said Monday morning.


“We had a huge spike right after Election Day,
it’s somewhat slowed a little bit,” Boyce said. “We’re seeing across the board
an increase right now.”


Jews, other targeted groups included Muslims, whites and the LGBTQ community,
according to Boyce.