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Antisemitic incidents France תעמולה

Teacher suspended because of antisemitism and racism

Source: leparisien

Paris – Paris rector suspended a teacher from
a large Parisian school who wrote on her Facebook page, which is accessible to
her students, Holocaust denying and conspiracy theories related antisemitic


The case was
revealed this summer by the newspaper Le Canard Enchaîné. “We have
enforced our procedures and the president signed on a temporarily suspension
decree “, which means the literature preparatory class English teacher of high school Janson-de-Sailly Janson de (in
the sixteenth square) “will not teach in the upcoming school year,”
said the rector this week.


An administrative
investigation launched and disciplinary proceedings initiated which may lead to
the final expulsion of the teacher from the education system.


Due to the
present summer holidays and students absence, the rector is yet unable to
determine whether the teacher has expressed anti-Semitism during the lessons.


Her Facebook
remarks had “deeply shocked the entire high school community and disrespected
all members of the campus,” wrote the director of the school
Janson-de-Sailly, Patrick Sorin, in a statement published on Friday.


He notes
that the remarks
issued by the teacher during the school year using the social networks
“was unknown to the management team.”