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Peru Threat

Peruvian neo-Nazis seek to expel all Jews

Source: estadodeisrael

Lima – a leader of a Peruvian group, who is trying to get the number of signatures required to register as a political party, declared that he is aiming to bring to the expulsion of the small Jewish community out of the country due to their “domination of the global economy.”

Martin Quispe Mayta, leader of the Andies National Socialist Movement of Peru (Movimiento Nacional Socialista-Andino de Perú) is an openly admirer of Adolf Hitler and his Office is adorned with pictures of the Nazi dictator, a copy of the infamous book Mein Kampf (“my war”) and a large flag with swastika-like symbol, so publishes by the British Guardian).

Mayta, which is inspired by the Nazi ideology of Hitler and from the antiemitic book – “the International Jew” by Henry Ford, added that the leader of the brutal Spanish conquest of Peru, ancisco Pizarro, was Jewish as well. “He and his Jewish group of ethnic murderers killed millions of native Peruvians as part of their mission to take over our gold,” he said. Currently living in Peru approximately 5,000 Jews, out of an estimated population of about 30 million people.

In a country where the political and economic authorities are kept mainly in the hands of the elite minority and indigenous Peruvians are found at the bottom of the socioeconomic pyramid, Jews are being accused once again in the country’s failures.

The Jewish organization in Peru said it rejects” Mayta’s public expressions of antisemitism and racism” and that it “contacted the authorities and urged them to take the necessary measures in order to halt incitement to hatred over racial background “.