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French Jewish community leader Roger Cukierman: ‘Jewish children are beaten and insulted in public schools in France’

Source: ejpress

The leader of the Jewish community in France denounced Monday what
he called the ‘’unbearable’’ situation of Jewish children ‘’who suffer physical
and verbal abuse at public school.’’

In an interview with radio channel Europe 1 ahead of the annual
dinner of CRIF, the political representative body of French Jews, Roger
Cukierman declared : ‘’In many schools, Jewish children are beaten,
insulted because they are Jewish. 


‘’This is the reason why today out of fear only one third of
Jewish children go to public school,’’ said the CRIF President. 


He observed that the Jewish community ‘’retires into oneself’’, a
phenomenom that is particularly damaging at the level of school of the


‘’This is the reason why today out of fear only one third of
Jewish children go to public school.’’


‘’In my time, we all went to public (secular) schools. Today only
one third of Jewish children go to the secular schools, the two other thirds go
to private pay school, either Jewish or Christian,’’ he added.


During Monday’s CRIF dinner event, Frenchresident Francois
Hollande is expected to address the worries of the Jewish community
regarding its safety.


The event will be attended by some 800 people, including Prime
Minister Manuel Valls and several members of his government.


Marine Le Pen, leader of the extreme-right Front National party,
has not been invited. “I do not want to invite the heirs of Jean-Marie Le
Pen, his daughter, his granddaughter. I think it is a xenophobic party,
populist, demagogue and so I prefer not the invite this party because we do not
have the same values, “explained Roger Cukierman.