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Alain Soral was sentenced to a fine of 10,000 euros in respect of antisemitic insults

Source: lefigaro

On Wednesday, February 10, a criminal court in Paris
sentenced Alan Sorrell, a writer associated with the extreme right, to a fine
of 10,000 euros in respect of racist insults against the journalist Frédéric
Haziza. On 28 March 2014, Mr. Soral described in his website the journalist in
the following words: “Little Frederick” who “walks around with
his sad eternal wandering Jew look, with a bent back, troubled eyes, a
Quasimodo of a thousand years sadness, from the newsroom to a television
studio, from the reporters room to the radio studio.”


“There is no need to prove the antisemitic nature of
the expression in this claim,” said on Wednesday the judges of the 17th
Chamber of the Criminal Court in their judgment. “The
personal attacks, which are especially humiliating, are directly related to the
religion of Frederic Haziza, and cannot enjoy the special protection for
humorous discourse”, which was Soral’s justification.


During the hearing, Frederick declared that he fall victim
to threats and insults on Alain Soral’s website since he has refused to invite
him to one of his television programs. This is not the first time that Mr.
Soral, who was convicted several times in respect of racist insults, is punished
by the legal system for his antisemitic remarks against the journalist.


In addition to the fine, the author was convicted to pay 5,000
euros as compensation to Frederic Haziza and the sum of 3,000 euros for court
expenses. In addition, he will pay 1 Euro damages and 1,000 euros for legal expenses
to four racism combat organizations.


In addition to fines and torts, the Criminal Court of Paris
ordered to publish legal disclaimer, at the defendant’s expense. This must be
obeyed even if the defendant submits an appeal. Moreover, the judges also
ordered the removal of the antisematic words from the website.