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Italy / 30-04-2014

Nazis celebrate Hitler's birthday by warning against Jews

Milan - A sticker posted in Milan on Hitler's birthday by the Nazi movement NSAB shows the stereotype of Jew holding money.  The caption says it's a wake-up call and that printing ...

Britain / 30-04-2014

Blue singer Antony Costa on Twitter antisemitism

British singer Anthony Costa has been targeted by antisemitic trolls on Twitter.  The former Blue band member, whose mother is Jewish, told the Daily Star: "I get it all the time, I've had antisemitic ...

Israel / 30-04-2014

Swastika graffiti discovered in Jerusalem on Holocaust Memorial day

Jerusalem - Abraham’s Tent, a Jewish hostel in Jerusalem, was victim to vandals who marked their highly visible sign, located across the street from Israel’s Knesset, with a swastika on Monday, Holocaust ...

United States / 30-04-2014

UCF student finds swastikas carved into walls of her apartment

Orlando, FL - The Orange County Sheriff's Office is investigating antisemitic vandalism at off-campus housing near UCF. Deputies found 11 swastikas scratched on the hallways of the University House Apartments after receiving a ...

Canada / 30-04-2014

Swastika was scrawled at the entrance to Kiryas Tosh

Kiryas Tosh, Boisbriand, QC – Swastika was scrawled at the entrance to Kiryas Tosh, Hasidic Jewish community in the town of Boisbriand, Quebec 

Canada / 30-04-2014

Swastika painted on Calgary synagogue

Calgary – Police are searching for suspects after a swastika was found spray painted on a Jewish synagogue in the city’s southwest earlier this week.  Officers received a complaint about the vandalism just ...

Hungary / 30-04-2014

Antisemitic graffiti

Budapest – The graffiti "Kill the fucking Jews" (IRTSD ASZAR ZSIDO'T) were found on a parking machine in Markó St.

Netherlands / 29-04-2014

Antisemitic signpost: “Rotterdam and Palestine united against Jews”

Utrecht – A signpost that was placed at the Utrecht central station read: “Rotterdam and Palestine are united against Jews”.  The expression JHK that appears on the signpost is also an insult to Jews: ...

Netherlands / 29-04-2014

Muslim group to hold conference on 'Shadow Holocaust'

May 4th is Dutch memorial day, commemorating those who died in WWII and in later wars and peacekeeping missions.  The Muslim group 'Bewust Moslim' intends to hold a conference on that day on the ...

Egypt / 29-04-2014

Another day, another Egyptian blood libel

Cairo - Egyptian newspaper Al Talyia News has an article by columnist Ghada Abd El Moneim (translated by Shawarma News): We received news of a (classified) CIA report that was leaked by the Egyptian General Intelligence, the report ...

Britain / 29-04-2014

Willian’s goal at Liverpool was described by many as a “Jew Goal”

A large number of football fans described Willian’s second goal for Chelsea at Liverpool on Sunday as a “Jew Goal”. The Urban Dictionary describes a “Jew Goal” as follows:  “a term used ...

Germany / 27-04-2014

Palestinians attack Israeli

Berlin - A group of six Palestinian youths punched an Israeli in the face on Friday in Berlin after they questioned him about citizenship.  The 31-year-old Israeli filed a criminal complaint, according ...

United States / 27-04-2014

Vandals strike temple

 Fairfax, VA - Investigators have ruled that an incident on March 28 in which rocks were thrown through three stained glass windows at the Orthodox Ohev Shalom Congregation was a hate crime.  Det. Jennifer ...

France / 27-04-2014

Antisemitism heard at major Islamic conference in France

Paris - A major conference on Islam in Paris featured antisemitic speeches, according to a sociologist who listened to the lectures.   The speeches were given “a place of honor” at Wednesday’s 31st congress ...

Croatia / 25-04-2014

Historic Jewish cemetery vandalized

Split - Between April 10 and April 13, Vandals seriously damaged several graves in a more than 400-year-old Jewish cemetery.  According to Ana Lebl, the president of the Jewish community in Split, unknown persons forced open three ...

United States / 25-04-2014

Anti-Israel student group distributes mock eviction notices at NYU

NY - The anti-Israel group Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP) distributed mock eviction to up to 2,000 students at New York University, claiming its notices mimic those that the Israel Defense ...

United States / 24-04-2014

Swastika painted on Jewish man's home

Price Hill, Ohio - A Price Hill man is in fear Thursday morning after he awoke to find a swastika spray-painted on his home.  The resident of the home, Ralph Ford, said ...

Norway / 24-04-2014

Antisemitic graffiti

Skien - A school and sports facility were sprayed with numerous swastikas and racist (anti-black) slogans last week (13/4).  Swastikas and the words "Jew", "fuck niggers", "negro", "negro cunt" and "whore" was written in ...

Spain / 23-04-2014

Antisemitism and blood libel in the internet newspaper

The Spanish daily published an article titled: “Death by Crucifixion – beyond Jesus and on”, which exhibits the kind of antisemitism that was widespread in the middle ages.  We hereby invite you to read ...

Israel / 22-04-2014

Antisemitic graffiti discovered in Be’eri forest

Be’eri forest – Swastikas and SS inscriptions were discovered on a monument of the Jewish National fund, in the Be’eri forest in the South. A complaint has been filed with the police.

Ukraine / 22-04-2014

Holocaust memorial vandalized

Sevastopol - The Holocaust Memorial in Sevastopol in the Crimean Peninsula was spray painted in red with a hammer and sickle and the letters USSR, and with what appeared to be other pro-Russian ...

Ukraine / 22-04-2014

Vandals deface grave of Lubavitcher Rebbe's brother

Dnepropetrovsk - Swastikas were sprayed on the tomb of Dov Ber Schneerson, brother of the late Lubavicher Rebbe, Rabbi Menahem Mendel Schneerson.  Chabad emissary Rabbi Moshe Weber, who works in Dnepropetrovsk, said that the ...

Ukraine / 22-04-2014

Ukrainian separatist TV channel to combat ‘zombie Zionists’

Ukrainian separatists pledged to combat “zombie Zionists” in what appeared to be a promotional video for a newly-launched pro-Russian television channel.  The video was one of the first materials shown by KPE TV, which ...

Hungary / 22-04-2014

Jew attacked for wearing a kippah

Zugló , Budapest - A Jew reports that on April 10th he was attacked by a group of nationalist youth in Budapest because he was wearing a kippah.  The youth cursed him, ...

Canada / 22-04-2014

Anti-Israel demonstration

The Palestine House marked the “Palestinian Political Prisoners' Day” in series of events, including a demonstration in front of the Israeli consulate in Toronto (April 17, 2014), vigil dedicated to Palestinian political prisoners in ...

Russia / 19-04-2014

Antisemitic graffiti

Kaliningrad – Anonymous vandals left on the walls of the music theater in Kaliningrad an antisemitic inscription and a drawing of a swastika.  April 9, 2014 - on the walls of the music theater ...

Ukraine / 19-04-2014

Synagogue Firebombed

Nikolaev - At 2:00 am Friday night the main shul in Nikolaev was attacked by firebombs. B"H the shul was empty at the time. One firebomb was thrown at the door ...

Canada / 19-04-2014

Antisemitic graffiti found near Ottawa River

Ottawa - police and RCMP officers are on scene where racist and antisemitic messages were spray-painted under the Champlain Bridge at the Ottawa River pathway.  One piece of graffiti promoted racism while a second ...

United States / 19-04-2014

Antisemitic graffiti found scrawled on library bulletin board

Eugene, Ore. - The community rallied against antisemitism Friday after finding some troubling graffiti scrawled on a bulletin board in downtown Eugene earlier in the week.  The hateful message was found Wednesday on ...

Egypt / 18-04-2014

Article in Egyptian magazine: 'The Jews can rejoice in their holidays only if they eat matza laced with the blood of non-Jews'

Cairo - On the occasion of Passover, Egyptian journalist Firnas Hafzi wrote in an article titled "The Jewish bloodsuckers on Passover" that Jews kill non-Jews during this holiday in order to use their ...

United States / 17-04-2014

Marionville Mayor: I agree with Frazier Miller's beliefs, not behaviors

Marionville, Missouri - Mayor Dan Clevenger said he "kind of agreed" with some of the beliefs of Frazier Glenn Cross, the 73-year-old accused of killing three people outside of a Jewish community center and retirement complex ...

Britain / 17-04-2014

Galloway: Gaza is like the Warsaw Ghetto

London - British MP George Galloway, who is known for his hatred towards Israel and his backing of the Hamas terrorist group, recently compared Gaza to the Warsaw Ghetto, and the residents ...

Ukraine / 16-04-2014

Donetsk leaflet: Jews must register or face deportation

Donetsk - A leaflet distributed in Donetsk, Ukraine calling for all Jews over 16 years old to register as Jews marred the Jewish community's Passover festivities Monday (Passover eve), replacing them with feelings of ...

Tunisia / 16-04-2014

Jew stabbed in Djerba

Djerba - Police in Tunisia arrested a man they believe stabbed a local middle-aged Jew on the island of Djerba. The suspected aggressor, 38-year-old Lasaad Tounsi, is believed to have caused minor injuries to Morris Bachiri, ...

Canada / 16-04-2014

Anti-Israel tactics compared to Nazi strategy of the 1930's

To understand B’nai Brith Canada’s 2013 Audit of Antisemitic Incidents, one must first understand the zeitgeist – the prevailing spirit – of the 1930s, said Frank Dimant, CEO, B’nai Brith Canada.  “In the ...

United States / 16-04-2014

Racists express support for Frazier Glenn Miller, on white supremacist forum

Get ready to take a long hot shower after reading the comments of support on Vanguard News Network (VNN) for neo-Nazi Frazier Glenn Miller, who was arrested at the scene minutes after ...

Italy / 15-04-2014

Parody of Shoah poem

Rome - An antisemitic post by a comedian who founded the Italian parliament’s third-largest party has sparked outrage in Italy’s tiny Jewish community.  Comedian Beppe Grillo’s blog on Monday featured a photo of ...

United States / 14-04-2014

Suspect in Jewish center shootings a 'long-time antisemite'

The suspect in the Sunday shootings on two Jewish centers in Kansas City was identified as Frazier Glenn Cross, Jr., 73, by authorities in Kansas, and by the Southern Poverty Law Center ...

United States / 13-04-2014

Shootings at 2 Jewish-related sites

Overland Park, KS - A gunman opened fire at two Jewish facilities near Kansas City on Sunday, killing three people, police said. Authorities are investigating whether the shootings were a hate crime, Overland Park ...

Britain / 13-04-2014

Teacher threatens to send Jewish student to 'gas chamber'

London - One of Britain's top public schools is the subject of scandal Sunday, after it was revealed that a teacher threatened to send a Jewish student to 'one of your gas ...


Top 10 countries that boycott Israel

With Scarlett Johansson’s Super Bowl commercial for Israeli company SodaStream costing her a position with British charity Oxfam, and John Kerry’s warning that increasingly “there are talks of boycotts” of the Jewish State, the Boycott, Divestment and ...

Ukraine / 11-04-2014

Parents warned of Passover Jewish blood rituals

Volodymyr-Volynskyi - An article appeared in the local paper "Місто вечірнє" (Evening City), both online and in print, warning of the Jewish Passover ritual of killing children for their blood in order ...

The Palestinian authority / 11-04-2014

Jibril Rajoub: Hitler could have learned from Israel "about concentration camps, extermination camps"

Last week, Chairman of the PA Olympic Committee and Deputy Secretary of the Fatah Central Committee Jibril Rajoub said that Hitler "could have learned" from Israel "about the concentration camps, the extermination camps."   Following ...

Ukraine / 09-04-2014

Monument to Holocaust victims vandalized

Odessa – Last night in Odessa,  the monument commemorating those killed in the Holocaust, which is located in the square bearing the name of the Soviet Marshall Fyodor Tolbukhin, was desecrated. The local ...

Austria / 09-04-2014

Monument to prisoners of the Mauthausen concentration camp vandalized

Mauthausen – Unknown persons damaged the fence surrounding the memorial to Soviet prisoners in the Mauthausen concentration camp in Austria. The fence’s poles were toppled, the chains torn and one of them is ...

Ukraine / 09-04-2014

Jewish cemetery desecreted

Odessa - Swastikas were painted on a wall surrounding a Jewish cemetery reading “death to the Jews” and “Right Sector”, an ultranationalist movement that participated in the revolution that in ...

Turkey / 09-04-2014

Antisemitic message on the windshield car

Ankara - Here's a picture sent to CFCA by a surfer: On the rear window of his car, a citizen appeal Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan entirely "emotion":  You just tell us to die, ...

Ukraine / 09-04-2014

Antisemitic graffiti

Odessa - Someone spray painted dozens of graffiti signs “Death to the Kikes” on historical buildings, Jewish homes, and government offices.   Local Jews believe that these signs were the result of a ...

Paraguay / 08-04-2014

Inscriptions on Jewish museum wall

Asunción - Antisemitic blasphemous inscriptions were spray-painted on the wall  of the city’s Jewish museum.

Austria / 08-04-2014

Once again memorial stones vandalized

Salzburg – Two stepping stones in the city of Salzburg were once again vandalized. These are small memorial sites on the pavement – and this time it was in front of the National ...

Poland / 08-04-2014

"Fuck the Jews" graffiti in Auschwitz

Auschwitz - Graffiti "Fuck the Jews" in Oświęcim (Auschwitz)

South Africa / 08-04-2014

Antisemitic graffiti

Cape Town - Antisemitic graffiti spray-painted on a highway bridge exiting the city.  Graffiti: “TRIBUTE TO MANDELA, 46664, IN MONEY WE TRUST, SO DIE WE MUST, AND TURN TO DUST. BY THE KID”

Poland / 07-04-2014

“A Jew with a coin” in a pawnshop window

Słubice - A picture of “A Jew with a coin” is displayed in the window of a pawnshop  in Słubice (Translator note: a city in Western Poland on the river Oder).  The discussion on the ...

Denmark / 07-04-2014

MP compares Israel to South African Apartheid regime

Copenhagen - Jakob Engel-Schmidt, MP for the Danish Liberal Party, wrote an op-ed in Danish newspaper Berlingske, in which he compared Israel's policies in the West Bank and East Jerusalem to South Africa's ...

Poland / 06-04-2014

Skinheads party in Majdanek

Majdanek - Three young Polish partiers chose a terrible place to party this weekend - a concentration camp.  One of them took his friends to smoke for pleasure against the booths where prisoners ...

Hungary / 04-04-2014

Jews are 'tumor' in Hungarian body

Vas - The Hungarian Dawn candidate in Vas (Western Hungary), Radányi-Kovács Tamással, did not hide his anti-Roma and anti-Jewish views in a recent interview.  He said the 'racist Zionist Jews' have no place ...

United States / 03-04-2014

Pat Robertson: Jews busy ‘polishing diamonds’ instead of fixing their cars

Televangelist Pat Robertson said Jews are too busy “polishing diamonds” to do  weekend chores. Conservative activist Rabbi Daniel Lapin appeared on the “700 Club” Monday  with Robertson to discuss what ...

Ireland / 03-04-2014

White powder in envelope 'and a swastika' sent to Jewish minister

Dublin - This is a photograph of a picture sent to the home of the Minister for Justice Alan Shatter.  The image of Nazi soldiers at a rally was contained in a package, ...

Hungary / 02-04-2014

Campaign poster vandalized with Jewish stars

Budapest - As the 2014 Hungarian election campaign coming close to its end someone drew Jewish symbol on opposition's candidate Szabolcs Kerék-Bárczy ad.

France / 02-04-2014

Jews met with quenelle, then attacked

Sarcelles, Paris - On Saturday a father and son attacked This This Were On Their way home from the synagogue in Sarcelles, near Paris.  The Jews, Who Were wearing distinctive Jewish ...

Australia / 01-04-2014

Antisemitic Incidents in NSW - April 2014

19 April 2014 Sydney - At approximately 9.15am a man made a Heil Hitler gesture opposite the Synagogue.  19 April 2014 Sydney - At approximately 11.45am the sole occupant of a passing vehicle gestured Heil ...

Australia / 01-04-2014

Brendon O’Connell out of prison and spreading antisemitism again

Brendon O’Connell, who spent three years in jail for posting an antisemitic video on the internet, was released from prison and we did not hear anything from him.   Until recently.   It has come to my attention ...

Sweden / 01-04-2014

Sweden protesters try to break into Malmo Jewish center

Malmo - Police in Malmo arrested two people who tried to break into a Jewish community building during a demonstration that featured antisemitic slogans.  Five people gathered outside the Jewish community center on ...