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Australia / 26-03-2015

Antisemitic graffiti on Jewish MP’s poster

Eastlakes - Antisemitic graffiti was found on an election campaign sign for Jewish Labor MP for Heffron, Ron Hoenig.  The poster – which had been defaced with a Star of David and ...

Ukraine / 25-03-2015

Antisemitic attack

Kharkiv - Alexander Dukovski, a Jewish doctor, was beaten up by 3 masked men shouting antisemitic slogans at him: "Jew, get out of town and out of the country".   The ...

United States / 25-03-2015

Antisemitic graffiti

Staten island, N.Y. - A 15-year-old Staten Island student was charged with a hate crime for writing “death for Jewish religion” in Arabic on a school poster.   The teen wrote the ugly slogan on ...

South Africa / 25-03-2015

antisemitic graffiti

Johannesburg - Antisemitic graffiti was found on a desk at the University of Johannesburg.

Ukraine / 24-03-2015

Antisemitic graffiti

Cherkasy – once again, just 150 meters from the Hesed building in the city, vandals sprayed the words "Death to the Jewish rule"(«Смерть еврейской власти»).

Russia / 24-03-2015

A memorial to Jews desecrated

Volgograd – a memorial for murdered Volgograd Jews in the city’s center was desecrated.  Last weekend, vandals destroyed the foundation stone which was erected in March in a public park in the memory of ...

South Africa / 24-03-2015

Antisemitic assault

Johannesburg - On Saturday night at The Zone, Rosebank, three Jewish teenagers were verbally abused and in two cases physically assaulted by three unidentified males. From several of the comments reportedly made by ...

United States / 24-03-2015

NYPD investigating paintball shooting at two Jewish men as hate crime

Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NY - Two Orthodox Jewish men suffered minor injuries after paintballs were fired at them from a passerby vehicle  in Williamsburg.   The incidents allegedly happened in succession. In the first incident reported, a ...

Hungary / 24-03-2015

Rock band receives antisemitic comments after announcing Israel concert

Tankcsapda, Hungarian rock band, receives serious amount of antisemitic comments after announcing a concert in Israel. see comments here

South Africa / 23-03-2015

21 arrested at violent BDS protest in South Africa

Pretoria - Dozens of anti-Israel activists raided a South African store which sells products made in the Jewish State, massively damaging the premises. At the end of the riot, Pretoria police arrested ...

Turkey / 23-03-2015

Turkish TV station airs antisemitic ‘Protocols Sequel’ echoing rhetoric of president Erdogan

Ankara - A Turkish news station aligned with the country’s ruling AKP party recently aired an antisemitic documentary entitled “The Mastermind.” (ÜST AKIL)   The film, described by the publication as a sequel to “The Protocols ...

Ukraine / 23-03-2015

Monument to Victims of Holocaust desecrated

Mykolaiv - The Monument to Victims of the Holocaust in Mykolaiv has again come under attack.  During the night into March 22 a swastika was daubed from a black spray can on ...

Australia / 23-03-2015

Australian theater rejects Jewish act, cites ‘Zionism’

Marrickville, Sydney -  A Sydney theatre has refused a booking from a Jewish cultural group in a potential breach of race-discrimination laws.  Hilel, a not-for-profit Jewish educational and cultural organisation for students and young ...

Hungary / 23-03-2015

Graves at Jewish cemetery vandalized

Gyöngyös - The leader of a small Hungarian Jewish community says about 20 graves have been vandalized in a Jewish cemetery.Peter Weisz says the damage to the graves in the northeastern city ...

Britain / 23-03-2015

Victoria line racist 'banged on Tube window while shouting antisemitic abuse'

London - A frenzied racist banged on the window of a Tube train while shouting antisemitic abuse at a passenger.  Transport police today appealed for anyone who saw the shocking incident, which happened ...

United Nations / 22-03-2015

Israel only nation condemned in UN for women's right violations

Out of nine official documents produced from the UN's annual Commission on the Status of Women report, only one of the UN's 193 members were mentioned in regards to ongoing infringement of ...

Ukraine / 21-03-2015

Far-right party blames Jews for country's situation

Rivne - A spokesperson for the far-right party Pravy/Pravyi Sektor ('Right Sector') said that Jews are responsible for the bad situation in Ukraine. The Jews have taken over power and led ...

Netherlands / 19-03-2015

Antisemitic e-mail sent to schools

Amsterdam - fourteen elementary schools in the province of Flevoland received an email this week calling to teach students that the Holocaust did not exists.  A principal of one of the schools decided to contact ...

Germany / 18-03-2015

Attack on a Star of David: Swastika on the fence

Osterburg - gate to the cemetery in OSTERBURG was destroyed. Vandals broke the locks so the gate cannot be closed, and the wall is cracked.  Vehicle marks are visible on the road. A 3x3 ...

Germany / 18-03-2015

The Right is sending Jews flight boarding passes

German neo-Nazis want to join the discussion about the security situation of Europe Jews. The "Right” sent flight boarding passes to Jewish organizations - one way, of course. This party might become "Free ...

Germany / 18-03-2015

A swastika and the words "Arbeit macht frei" on the ceiling of recess hall

Murnau am Staffelsee - A vandal sprayed a swastika and the words "Arbeit macht frei" (work sets you free) on the ceiling of the recess hall  of high school in Murnau am Staffelsee. ...

Ukraine / 18-03-2015

Antisemitic graffiti

Cherkasy - these graffiti inscriptions were found 50 to 150 meters from the Hesed building in the city. One of them was sprayed on a fence of a private house, requiring the owner ...

Hungary / 18-03-2015

Antisemitic graffiti

Budapest - An inscription had been written on a bench in Buda Castle: "Jews Brokers thieves - toward the gas chamber!" (TOLVAJOK BROOKE ZSIDÓK - IRÁNY A GÁZKAMRÁ!)

France / 18-03-2015

Antisemitic graffiti

Paris - Antisemitic graffiti were spray painted in a Parisian neighborhood. An inscription the road "JUIF JE TE HAIS" (Jew I hate you), and an inscription on a wall "JE SUIS ANTI-SÉMITE" (I ...

United States / 18-03-2015

Synagogue defaced

Hollywood, FL - Hurtful and hateful messages were painted on the walls of the B'Nai Sephardim Synagogue in Hollywood on Tuesday. Everything from perverted pictures to the words "(Expletive) the Jews," to "We're ...

Germany / 18-03-2015

Antisemitic graffiti

Stralsund - a graffiti was found on the "Haus der Gewerkschaften" (house of the unions) showing a penis ejaculating sperm on a Star of David. Right below an anarchist A symbol was ...

Hungary / 18-03-2015

Antisemitic attacks by Jobbik member

Budapest - Kulcsár Gergely, a representative of the far-right Jobbik Party spat on a well-known Jewish historical monument in Budapest. He then sent an email with antisemitic messages to his friends, which spread ...

United States / 18-03-2015

Swastikas painted on Jewish frat house

Nashville, Tenn. - Two swastikas were spray-painted on a Jewish fraternity house at Vanderbilt University.  The vandalism occurred early Saturday morning at Alpha Epsilon Pi and was discovered after a party there. The ...

Austria / 17-03-2015

Antisemitic attack

St. Pölten - A 53 year old man who was wearing a necklace with a Star of David was called a "Fucking Jew" and physically attacked in a supermarket.  The 21 year old ...

Sweden / 17-03-2015

Antisemitism in Malmo reaches new, horrific depths

Malmo - In an act reminiscent of Nazi antisemitic propaganda, a group of anti-Israeli demonstrators, wearing protective clothing and masks in order to avoid being infected by Zionist bacteria and “Isolera” viruses, entered ...

United States / 17-03-2015

Antisemitic graffiti

Cleveland, OH - A student found multiple swastikas drawn on the fourth floor of the Main Classroom building at Cleveland State University. Israel was also defaced on the world map on the ...

Australia / 17-03-2015

Professor waves money in the face of a Jewish woman at a recent protest on campus

Sydney - Sydney University will investigate an incident in which Associate Professor Jake Lynch was filmed waving a five dollar bill at an elderly Jewish woman enraged by anti-Israel protesters at a lecture.  Dr Lynch ...

United States / 16-03-2015

‘Gassing Jews’ Facebook Post Roils Elite Long Island Town

Great Neck, NY - The wealthy suburb of Great Neck on Long Island got hit with an anti-Semitic shock this weekend when the Facebook page for its freshman class got defaced. A ...

Sweden / 16-03-2015

Swedish police guard Malmo Jewish cemetery

Malmo - Swedish police posted officers at a Jewish cemetery in Malmo after mourners said they had been intimidated there by passersby.  The alleged intimidation occurred on March 10 at Malmo’s Ostra, or eastern, ...

United States / 14-03-2015

Bus stop defaced with antisemitic message

Staten Island, N.Y. - The words "Kill Jews" were discovered Wednesday night on a bus stop vestibule located at the intersection of Forest Hill Road and Steers Street in Willowbrook, according to City ...

Ireland / 14-03-2015

Irish star receives 'death threats' after hosting event for Israel

Rory Cowan, The star of hit British comedy "Mrs. Brown's Boys" says he received death threats after a video that showed him hosting an Israeli embassy event went viral.    Rory Cowan, who plays ...

Argentina / 13-03-2015

Jewish center, cemetery attacked

Rosario - The Argentine Zionist Union of Rosario, or USAR, a Jewish community and sports center in a city some 200 miles north of Buenos Aires, was attacked this week with graffiti reading ...

United States / 13-03-2015

Swastikas found spray painted inside synagogue

Richmond Heights, MO - Richmond Heights police said swastikas and other messages were painted on the walls of Brith Shalom Kneseth Israel on East Linden but despite the swastikas, police do not ...

United States / 13-03-2015

Vandal scratches antisemitic message on deli window

Metuchen, NJ - The owner of a Main Street deli is furious after an incident of antisemitic vandalism hit the front window of the eatery.  "It was just so thoughtless," said Erica ...

United States / 13-03-2015

Swastika painted on car of rabbi

Dallas - A rabbi in North Dallas says he found his car painted with the Nazi swastika after he left worship Wednesday night.  Rabbi Yaakov Rich is the head of Congregation Toras ...

Tunisia / 12-03-2015

Desecration of Rabbi's grave in Tunisia

Tunisia - The grave of Rabbi Masoud Fessi which has existed for over two hundred years and is located in the center of the city of Tunis has been desecrated by several people.   Visible ...

Italy / 12-03-2015

Antisemitic graffiti

Rome – an inscription  “Ebrei nei forni”  (Jews in ovens) was sprayed painted on a wall in rione X of Rome

France / 12-03-2015

Two Jewish teens beaten

Marseilles - Two Jewish teenagers leaving a synagogue in Marseilles on Tuesday were beaten up and robbed in an antisemitic attack purportedly by two men “of African origin,” according to the French National ...

France / 12-03-2015

Politician says Jewish pharmacists operate a pro-Israel scam

Bénédicte Bauret is a French politician, a member of the anti-racist watchdog and Israel-bashing Human Rights League, a councillor at Mantes-la-Ville, an anti-Israel BDS activist and head of  Fratercités, an NGO that calls for ...

Morocco / 11-03-2015

Arson probed at Jewish cemetery

Oujad - A Jewish-owned building was set on fire in a possible antisemitic attack in the Moroccan town of Oujad.The March 10 suspected arson in Oujad, located 120 miles south of ...

United States / 11-03-2015

New York firefighter sacked over antisemitic comment caught on tape (VIDEO)

Rochester, NY - A Rochester, New York, Fire Department recruit was fired on Monday after appearing in a YouTube video that shows him making antisemitic remarks.  In the footage, an unidentified man is seen ...

Netherlands / 11-03-2015

Feyenoord supporters post antisemitic stickers

Amstelveen  - Feyenoord supporters posted 'no noses' stickers in a couple of shops in Amstelveen.  The stickers apparently refer to the 'Jewishness' of their opponents, Ajax.

United States / 11-03-2015

Miami Beach man arrested for threatening synagogue congregant

Miami, FL - A 24-year-old Miami Beach man was arrested after he yelled Islamic expressions at and threatened a person in front of the Ohev Shalom Congregation.  Diego Chaar yelled an Islamic expression at a ...

South Africa / 10-03-2015

South Africa protests target Israel trade event

Johannesburg - Protesters shouted anti-Israel epithets and threats outside of a South African Zionist Federation event in a Johannesburg suburb.  “You think this is Israel, we are going to kill you,” protesters from the ...

France / 10-03-2015

Retired Jewish couple receive antisemitic hate mail

Creteil, Paris - A retired Jewish couple in Créteil received antisemitic hate-mail - filled with conspiracy theories about Jews (Jews control the banks, Jews destroy Europe) and Holocaust denial.

United States / 09-03-2015

NYPD investigates 2 men who took videos outside Brooklyn synagogues

Brooklyn, NY - The NYPD is investigating why two men were videotaping outside two large Jewish synagogues in Brooklyn on Saturday afternoon, police said Sunday.  The two men shot videos with their phones ...

Austria / 08-03-2015

Memorial plaques: Suspicion of damage caused by acid

Wiener Neustadt - A number of weeks after the discovery of acid damage caused to memorial plaques in Graz, a group of memorial plaque activists in Wiener Neustadt have reported that anonymous vandals ...

Germany / 08-03-2015

Holocaust memorial desecrated by Nazi band

Berlin - Nazi band desecrated Holocaust Memorial at the Brandenburg Gate. "We need to march again!" sang a woman in black, waving her right hand. It was not a Nazi salute hand. Instead, ...

Hungary / 08-03-2015

Antisemitic graffiti

Budapest - In the Ferencváros Quarter, in a playground in Ferenc Square was sprayed the caption: "Exterminate the shit Jew"!" 

Netherlands / 08-03-2015

Dutch Muslim students resist Holocaust education

A number of Dutch schools refrain from teaching about the Holocaust because of resistance from Muslim pupils, teachers told lawmakers. The centrist Christian Union party held a roundtable discussion about Holocaust education with ...

Britain / 07-03-2015

‘Jew, Jew, Jew... Run’: Social experiment suggests rising UK antisemitism

A social experiment designed to gauge levels of antisemitism in Britain turned up some shocking results.    Journalist Jonathan Kalmus set out to get a sense of anti-Jewish feeling in the UK by donning ...

Israel / 06-03-2015

Jewish cemetery in Jerusalem vandalized

Jerusalem - Unidentified assailants vandalized a Jewish cemetery next to the Palestinian neighborhood from whence came an east Jerusalem terrorist who just hours earlier Friday rammed his vehicle into a group ...

Germany / 06-03-2015

Holocaust-denial material pretending to come from Jewish newspaper

Krefeld - Residents of Krefeld received in their mailboxes a pamphlet denying the Holocaust.  The pamphlet came in an envelope purporting to be from a local Jewish newspaper.  The newspaper in question has moved ...

United States / 06-03-2015

Louis Farrakhan: ‘Israelis and Zionist Jews’ played key roles in 9/11 attacks

Chicago - The Rev. Louis Farrakhan told churchgoers on Sunday that Israelis and “Zionist Jews” played key roles in the Sept. 11, 2001, terror attacks that left nearly 3,000 people dead.    “We now know ...

France / 05-03-2015

Handicapped woman attacked by mob for displaying Israeli flag

Gap - Five people were arrested recently in Gap (south-eastern France) for an antisemitic attack this past July.  Céciliane, a handicapped woman, is not Jewish, but she supports the Jewish people and therefore hung an ...

Belgium / 05-03-2015

Jewish students humiliated at the Free University of Brussels

Brussels - A violent antisemitic incident occurred yesterday at the Free University of Brussels (Université Libre de Bruxelles, ULB).  Members of the university official BDS Society humiliated Jewish students by calling them terrorists and ...

Oman / 04-03-2015

Muscat international book fair, a ‘hothouse of antisemitic hate’

Muscat , Oman - Major Jewish human rights group the Simon Wiesenthal Center on Tuesday lamented US participation and support of the annual Muscat International Book Fair (MIBF), a literary event which ...

Britain / 03-03-2015

"Jews are dogs" on a sidewalk

Manchester - "Jews are dogs" etched into sidewalk in Manchester.

Hungary / 02-03-2015

Antisemitic graffiti

Veszprem – A Star of David on the LMP party’s sign (Lehet Más a Politika - politics can be different) in interim elections in Pannon University, Veszprem City

Brazil / 02-03-2015

Swastika on kosher meat arriving from Brazil

The residences of one of the kibbutz’s in Israel arrive to its dining room every day to eat three meals, but in the last few days they have found a particularly outrageous ...

United States / 02-03-2015

UCLA student government member questioned about Jewish identity

Los Angeles, CA - A member of UCLA’s student government was asked in a hearing whether her Jewish identity presents a conflict of interest.  During a Feb. 10 hearing, four student government ...

France / 01-03-2015

Inscriptions of antisemitic nature in public bathrooms

Toulouse - " Hollande is a Zionist murderer" (Hollande sioniste assassin), "Valls, France [misspelled] is not an Israeli Province" (Valls, la Françe (sic) n'est pas une province d'Israël). Antisemitic and offensive graffiti against ...

Italy / 01-03-2015

Spitting and threats against a Jewish merchant

Rome - "Jew S... we'll be back". Threats and insults against a merchant within a short distance from Piazza di Spagna. Three youths who wore the hoods of their shirts up to their ...

Russia / 01-03-2015

The Opposition Leader in Russia has published an antisemitic statement

Moscow - After years of being accused of antisemitism and nationalism by his opponents, without proof, Alexey Navalny, one of Vladimir Putin's main rivals and the person regarded as Leader of the Opposition ...

Italy / 01-03-2015

Antisemitic shirts

Rome - The police have seized Antisemitic shirts from a Chinese vendor, the Italian news outlet Vox News reports (not to be confused with the American Jew news outlet Vox News).  The offending shirt, ...

France / 01-03-2015

French National Front candidate says Jews blocking his musical career

Allier - French amateur singer affiliated with the far-right National Front party said his musical career is being blocked by Jews because he is not part of their clique.  Xavier Sainty, a candidate for National ...