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Egypt / 19-12-2014

Jews promote atheism to destroy all religions and cultures on Earth

Cairo - Dr. Elham Shaheen, professor of religion and philosophy at Al Azhar University, said that the entire concept of atheism is Satanic and was created by Jews to destroy all civilizations and religions ...

Argentina / 18-12-2014

Swastikas were found at the headquarters of the Labor Party

Once, Buenos Aires – Swastikas were painted at the headquarters of the Labor Party (Movimiento Sionista Laborista) in Once nighberhood.

Sweden / 18-12-2014

Swedish far-right leader: Jews are not true Swedes

Stockholm - Far-right Swedish leader has caused an uproar in his country after saying people who identify as Jews cannot be seen as true Swedes.  Björn Söder, party secretary of the anti-immigration Sweden Democrats ...

Turkey / 18-12-2014

Jewish leader in Turkey warns of dangers to community

Many people from Turkey’s Jewish community are leaving the country after increased threats and attacks, a businessman from the community has written in an article for the Istanbul-based Jewish newspaper Şalom, according to Hurriyet Daily News.  “We face threats, ...

United States / 17-12-2014

Public Menorah vandalized

Hollis Hills, Queens, NY - The public Menorah at the entrance to Hollis Hills neighborhood was vandalized and knocked over.   The police, who are investigating the incident as a hate crime, helped put the ...

Netherlands / 17-12-2014

Antisemitic street display in heart of Amsterdam

Amsterdam - An Israeli tourist in Holland expressed shock and dismay on Tuesday after he came across a large street display in the center of Amsterdam presenting Jews and Israelis as killers.   “Amazing! In ...

Greece / 16-12-2014

Politician claimed Jews don’t pay taxes

Athens - Panos Kammenos, leader of the small right-wing Independent Greeks Party, claimed that Jews don’t pay taxes  during an interview on the Antenna television channel.  The Central Board of Jewish Communities in ...

Australia / 16-12-2014

Sydney cafe gunman a ‘known antisemite’

Man Haron Monis , the Iranian-born Islamist who allegedly held a group of people hostage at gunpoint in a Sydney cafe had sent antisemitic letters and messages to members of Australia’s Jewish community.  We reported ...

France / 15-12-2014

French antisemitic comedian wants to meet Jews

In an open letter sent last week, lawyers for Dieudonne asked Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve and Gilles Clavreul, the French government’s inter-ministerial delegate for the fight against antisemitism, to organize the meeting.  Such a meeting is ...

Israel / 15-12-2014

Antisemitic graffiti

Peki'in -  Antisemitic words and swastika were painted near the Oshaya tomb in Peki'in.  The words "Zionist = Nazi" and a drawing of swastika = Star of David were sprayed painted at ...

Spain / 15-12-2014

Antisemitic graffiti

Manresa - A graffiti in a wall "Israel Assassins", write in Catalan "Israel killers", Along with the Star of David = Swastika.

Britain / 14-12-2014

Tory MP accused of being ‘Jew lover’

A Tory MP has revealed he was accused of being a “Jew lover”, in the latest antisemitic jibe against an elected politician.   Conservative MP Guto Bebb, who sits in the Aberconwy seat ...

United States / 13-12-2014

Swastika painted on Jewish man's home

North Fort Myers, FL - The Lee County Sheriff's Office is investigating vandalism at a North Fort Myers home.  The homeowner in the Foxmoor Lakes neighborhood finished putting his decorations for Hanukkah ...

France / 12-12-2014

Antisemitic graffiti on hairdresser shop front

Perpignan - "Shame on us", "Jew = Country", "Country = thief", "Screw the country" ... this is what a hairdresser in Rigaud square found on Friday morning, when he came to open his ...

Israel / 11-12-2014

Holocaust memorial in central Israel vandalized

A group of students from the Shaar Hagay Field School who were visiting the well-known Holocaust memorial, the “Scroll of Fire,” in central Israel, discovered it had been vandalized, including the removal ...

Britain / 11-12-2014

British lawmaker faces death threats for being Jewish

London - A Jewish lawmaker from the greater London area said he has received death threats because he is Jewish, the BBC reported Wednesday.    Lee Scott, the Conservative MP for Ilford North, ...

Iran / 11-12-2014

Iran launches social media hate campaign against Israel

The ‘We Love Fighting Israel’ received praise from Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, the country’s supreme leader, who recently called on his people to unite in the fight against the ‘Zionist regime’. The campaign encourages Iranian ...

France / 10-12-2014

Antisemitic threats

La Grande-Motte - Threats to the synagogue in La Grande-Motte and another synagogue in Béziers: The SJRP (Regional Judicial Police Unit) arrested five people on Tuesday morning in regard of two separate ...

Ukraine / 10-12-2014

Vandals defaced a synagogue

Khost – on the night between Saturday and Sunday, vandals poured glue on the foundations of the synagogue fence. In addition, antisemitic leaflets aimed at incitement to ethnic hatred were glued to the ...

South Africa / 10-12-2014

Swastika outside a Jewish camp

Kwa-Zulu Natal - A swastika was drawn onto the road outside a Jewish holiday camp by three young males (15yrs, 18yrs, 19yrs).

Romania / 10-12-2014

Romanian envoy to Armenia recalled over joke deemed antisemitic

Bucharest - Romania’s ambassador to Armenia was recalled to Bucharest for consultations after he expressed what critics said were antisemitic and homophobic statements.  Sorin Vasile made the controversial statements last month during a speech ...

Greece / 10-12-2014

Jewish cemetery monument vandalized with anti-Israeli graffiti

Thessaloniki - A monument commemorating the old Jewish cemetery of Thessaloniki was recently vandalized with graffiti saying "Free Palestine", barely a month after its inauguration.  A vandalized tombstone lays nearby with "killer" graffiti.

France / 10-12-2014

Five arrested for threats to destroy synagogue

La Grande-Motte - French police apprehended five men who are suspected of making threats and conspiring online to attack a synagogue.   The suspects, all believed to be far-right activists, were arrested Tuesday morning. Two were detained ...

United States / 09-12-2014

Israeli man stabbed outside Chabad headquarters in New York

NY - Levi Yitzchok, a 22 year old Israeli Jewish man was stabbed Tuesday morning (roughly 2:00 am EST) in Crown Heights, outside the Chabad-Lubavitch building at 770 Eastern Parkway in New York City.   The ...

Argentina / 08-12-2014

Tombs desecrated at Jewish cemetery

Santiago del Estero - Members of Argentina's Jewish community are denouncing the desecration of about a dozen tombs at a Jewish cemetery in the South American country. The president of the delegation of ...

Hungary / 07-12-2014

Antisemitic Painting

Budapest - Unknown person painted a portrait of Ferenc Gyurcsány (prime minister between 2004-2009) with a Star of David on the body of an insect. In addition, the painting reads: Caution! The insect ...

France / 07-12-2014

A Jewish girl was attacked in her school

Mions - On Thursday, a Jewish girl from Mions, near Lyon, was the victim of anti-Semitic insults made by two of her Muslim classmates. This was reported by the National Bureau of anti-Semitism monitoring (Bureau ...

France / 07-12-2014

Jewish girl verbally abused and attacked at primary school

Mions - Two pupils of North African descent harrassed and verbally abused an eight-year-old Jewish girl at a state primary school in Mions (Rhône). According to the father, the child had never revealed ...

Japan / 07-12-2014

Japan newspaper apologizes for running antisemitic ad

Tokyo -  A conservative Japanese daily on Saturday apologized for carrying an advertisement for books by an author who claims Jewish people were behind the country’s 2011 earthquake-tsunami disaster.  The advert ran in a ...

France / 05-12-2014

French Jews: Attack highlights antisemitism fears

An attack on a French couple is reviving worries about antisemitic sentiment in France amid a rising number of incidents targeting Jews, especially during the Gaza war earlier this year.  Assailants this week ...

Russia / 03-12-2014

Jewish student hospitalized after beating by 3 thugs

Moscow  - Shlomo Romanevsky, a 26-year-old Russian yeshiva student was hospitalized after a brutal beating by three unknown assailants in a Moscow suburb.  Romanevsky sustained a skull fracture, and a broken nose and ...

Malaysia / 02-12-2014

Men who want a haircut in Malaysia are required to step on Israeli flag

Seremban – Men in the city of Seremban, in South-East Malaysia, are required to step on the Israeli flag upon entering a local hair salon.  The hair salon, called “Hair Styles for Men” offers ...

France / 02-12-2014

Men attack couple in antisemitic incident

Creteil - French police arrested two men in the city of Creteil on Monday following the assault of a young couple in a suspected antisemitic incident, according to the French newspaper Le Parisien.   The ...

United States / 02-12-2014

Paris Hilton death threats by antisemitic man

An  antisemitic man, who believes Paris Hilton is Jewish , has threatened to kill her, and we've learned the LAPD is after him. Cops just got a search warrant  allowing them to track down ...

Britain / 02-12-2014

Mario Balotelli investigated by FA over controversial Instagram post

Mario Balotelli is the subject of a Football Association investigation after posting an image on Instagram that prompted accusations of racism and antisemitism.   The Liverpool striker reposted an image of the Nintendo character Super ...

Britain / 01-12-2014

British town council votes to ban all Israeli goods, in defiance of Labor policy

Leicester – Leicester city council, which is controlled by Britain’s main opposition party, Labor (it holds 51 of the council’s 55 seats), has instituted a ban of all Israeli goods despite Labor’s leader ...