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Ukraine / 24-04-2015

Swastika on Kiev Holocaust memorial

Kiev - The monument commemorating Jewish victims of the Babi Yar massacre in Kiev was desecrated for the fourth time in recent months, possibly on Adolf Hitler’s birthday.  The perpetrators sprayed a swastika ...

Germany / 23-04-2015

Woman spat on in antisemitic incident

Neukölln - A woman was insulted with antisemitic slurs and spat on during a dispute with her neighbor in Neukölln (Berlin). The perpetrator is a 65-year old woman.

United Nations / 23-04-2015

Amnesty-UK’s outrageous justification for rejecting resolution fighting antisemitism

Yesterday we reported about how Amnesty International UK members voted at their annual general meeting against a resolution calling on Britain to fight antisemitic attacks.  The Coalition Against Antisemitism in Europe tweeted to Amnesty-UK asking for comment. ...

United States / 23-04-2015

Antisemitic sentiment stains UCSB divestment vote

Santa Barbara, CA - A student at the University of California, Santa Barbara is speaking out against a meeting held by the student senate to vote on a resolution they wrote calling for the ...

United Nations / 22-04-2015

Amnesty International votes against resolution condemning antisemitism

Amnesty International has rejected a motion to tackle the rise in antisemitic attacks in Britain at its annual conference.  The motion was tabled by Amnesty member Andrew Thorpe-Apps in March who said it ...

United States / 22-04-2015

Antisemitic incident at Sandy Run Middle School

Dresher, PA - Parental reaction to an alleged antisemitic act at Sandy Run Middle School was brought to light Tuesday, April 21, and drew a reaction from the school principal.    According to a ...

Italy / 22-04-2015

Antisemitic graffiti insults late Rome rabbi Toaff

Rome - City authorities moved Tuesday to remove graffiti left by a far-right group insulting the memory of Rome's former chief rabbi Elio Toaff who died Sunday night aged 99.  Graffiti reading 'We'll ...

Britain / 21-04-2015

Green candidate calls Israel ‘racist and apartheid state’

Twickenham - A Green Party parliamentary candidate is facing a backlash after reportedly calling Israel “a racist and apartheid state.”  Tanya Williams, the Green candidate for Twickenham, South West London, made the remarks during an ...

United States / 21-04-2015

Menorah outside Chabad Jewish center vandalized

Champaign, IL - A nine-foot menorah outside the Chabad Jewish Center at University of Illinois was vandalized early Sunday morning.

United States / 21-04-2015

Antisemitic graffiti

Rindge - Police are investigating antisemitic graffiti at two properties on Lake Contoocook, one a home up for sale, and the other an unoccupied summer property.  Properties on Blakeville Road and Hemlock Avenue ...

Poland / 21-04-2015

Presidential candidate accuses Jews of planning to take over Poland

Kraków - Grzegorz Braun is a religious right-wing politician who is running for President of Poland.  He recently gave a talk at the Agricultural University of Kraków where he spoke of his views regarding ...

United States / 21-04-2015

Woman is confronted by Jewish school

Washington D.C - A group of over 100 Jewish children from a school from south Florida confronted by Concepción Picciotto (born Concepción Martín) that has been protesting outside of the White House for ...

Poland / 19-04-2015

Antisemitic graffiti

Opolu Lubelskim - antisemitic graffiti were sprayed across the city. Police arrested the perpetrators.  “Opolu Jews, Stali (sports and football club) is reigning!  These and other inscriptions, as well as paintings of red ...

Germany / 19-04-2015

Holocaust memorial 'stumbling blocks' vandalized

Groß-Gerau - In Groß-Gerau nine of the so called "Stolpersteine" [stumbling blocks], which commemorate the city's victims of the Holocaust, have been pasted over with stickers. They included right wing slogans, but the ...

Greece / 19-04-2015

MP tweets about 'attacks of Jews against all of us"

Athens - Dimitris Kammenos is MP for the right-wing Independent Greeks party, a coalition partner.    In a response to a Tweet by Russian news-site RT about antisemitism in Europe, Kammenos responded: 'Have you ...

Britain / 19-04-2015

Holocaust deniers gather in secret London conference

London - gathering in London of Holocaust deniers and Nazi sympathizers has drawn calls for police investigation.   Held at the Orient Suite in London’s four-star Grosvenor Hotel, the gathering last Saturday reportedly drew a ...

South Africa / 17-04-2015

Antisemitic Harassment

Johannesburg - Three male's drove past a Jewish day school and shouted "Heil Hitler"

France / 17-04-2015

Israeli TV reporter harassed in Paris

Paris - Israeli Channel 10's reporter in France, Miri Michaeli, used her Facebook page Thursday to publish video documentation of an anti-Semitic assault she experienced in central Paris. The incident occurred just as ...

Israel / 16-04-2015

Holocaust Memorial Day: Antisemitic graffiti glorifying Hitler on Israeli bus

Jerusalem - in the State of Israel, in Jerusalem, on the Holocaust Memorial Day. Antisemitic graffiti glorifying Hitler and calling for the death of Jews (Bus no. 25 from Neve Yaakov to central ...

United States / 16-04-2015

Synagogue Holocaust display vandalized

From Congregation Sons of Israel:  Nyack, New York - This morning when our staff arrived at our synagogue-Congregation Sons of Israel, Nyack, on Yom Hashoah, Holocaust Memorial Day, they were met with an ...

United States / 16-04-2015

Drunk man assaults Kingston shop owner

Crown heights, N.Y - An intoxicated man who was acting rowdy and belligerent on Kingston Avenue assaulted two shop owners when they attempted to calm him down. One man, well known ...

United States / 16-04-2015

Commack high school students pictured wearing T-Shirts with antisemitic messages

Commack, N.Y. - An investigation is underway on Long Island after two Commack High School students were photographed wearing t-shirts with antisemitic messages.  As 1010 WINS’ Carol D’Auria reported, the photo shows two ...

United States / 15-04-2015

Antisemitic threats found in MU residence hall

Columbia, MO - The University of Missouri-Columbia Police Department is asking for your help in tracking down the person responsible for recent antisemitic threats written in a residence hall.  The Columbia Tribune reports ...

Germany / 14-04-2015

Damage to a monument in memory of Jews

Ladenburg - During Easter, vandals damaged the memorial site in Gurs-Mahnmals camp that was built in the memory of the deportation of Jewish citizens from Mlndnborg (Rhine-Neckar district). During World War II Gurs-Mahnmals ...

Britain / 14-04-2015

Green Party politician threatens "your children will be next"

London - Shahrar Ali, deputy leader of the Green Party of England and Wales, has been filmed delivering an angry anti-Israel speech at a rally in London.  At one point, Ali compares Israel’s ...

United States / 14-04-2015

Allegations of antisemitism levied after Stanford student’s Jewish identity probed

Stanford, CA - Jewish Stanford University student, Molly Horowitz, is claiming that an umbrella group for six student organizations, the Students of Color Coalition (SOCC), whose powerful support she sought in order to ...

United States / 14-04-2015

Shots fired outside synagogue

Nashville, TN  - No one was injured when shots were fired outside a Nashville synagogue.  The shots were fired outside the West End Synagogue on Monday morning, according to The Tennessean.  Police identified at ...

Italy / 13-04-2015

Antisemitic phrases in mailbox of a Jewish woman

Pistoia - A complaint was filed by Digos (Department of General Investigations and Special Operations) in the police of Pistoia against a seventy years old man in respect of a breach of ...

Germany / 13-04-2015

Theater compares Anne Frank to Palestinian children

Frankfurt - The Schauspiel Frankfurt theater announced this year's theme as "Survival" - a tribute the victims of Nazi terror. The theater's newsletter contained various contributions on this theme.  One is from Redouan Abdellaoui, titled ...

Britain / 13-04-2015

BBC blames Israel for antisemitism

On April 11th and 12th BBC World Service radio aired an edition of ‘Heart and Soul’ titled “Faith and Food: The Jewish Community of Paris“, presented by Hardeep Singh Kohli.    Singh Kohli has ...

United States / 13-04-2015

Man lights firecrackers and yells ‘Allah Akbar’ outside Passaic synagogue

Passaic, NJ - A 21-Year-old resident of Clifton, NJ, has been arrested Saturday night after chanting “Allahu Akbar” while lighting a pack of fire crackers outside the Ahavas Israel Synagogue in Passaic, ...

Spain / 12-04-2015

Spain jails seven jihadists for planning to bomb synagogues, Jewish shops

Barcelona - Members of a suspected militant Islamist cell arrested this week in Spain were trying to obtain explosives to bomb a Jewish bookshop in Barcelona, an investigating magistrate said on Friday.  Other potential targets ...

Germany / 11-04-2015

A monument in memory of concentration camp prisoners was desecrated

Ziegenrück - A monument in memory of concentration camp prisoners in Ziegenrück (district of Saale-Orla [Translator's note: in the State of Thuringia, Central-East Germany]) was desecrated by vandals.  The word "drunk to death" (translator's ...

Finland / 11-04-2015

Swastikas appeared on Zyskowicz election posters

Helsinki - The Jewish National Coalition MP Ben Zyskowicz deems the swastikas that appeared on electoral advertising in Helsinki  as an antisemitic outburst.  Ben Zyskowicz’s election advertisements had swastikas scrawled on them at ...

Austria / 10-04-2015

Violent disturbance against Jewish sociologist

Vienna – A violent disturbance casts shadows on presentation of British- Polish sociologist Zygmunt Bauman in Vienna Museum. A group of men entered the building and shouted the Polish song: "We remember the ...

Israel / 10-04-2015

Arabs desecrated the grave of the murdered in the attack

Jerusalem - The proponents of "Toldot Aharon" that accompanied buried on the Mount of Olives Young found the destruction of graves, including the tomb of Abraham Wells.  Proponents of Toldot Aharon that accompanied ...

United States / 10-04-2015

2 homes vandalized with antisemitic graffiti

Brockton, Mass. - Brockton police are investigating two potential hate crimes after two families found messages of hate on their homes.    It's believed the vandals struck at some point Wednesday night into Thursday morning.   For the Nelson ...

Czech / 09-04-2015

A monument in the memory of Oskar Schindler was desecrated

Svitavy – the renowned monument in the city in memory of Oskar Schindler was desecrated. Vandals drew Nazi symbols and slogans. The police and the municipality are investigating.

United States / 09-04-2015

Jewish family’s home tagged with swastikas

San Diego - A family that moved to Mira Mesa from Israel to bring up their children in a safer environment is fearful for their lives after someone spray painted swastikas on ...

Denmark / 09-04-2015

Jewish store targeted in antisemitic attack

Copenhagen - A Jewish store in Copenhagen had a window broken and an antisemitic slur scrawled on its walls in an act of vandalism that comes just two months after a guard ...

Britain / 08-04-2015

Antisemitic graffiti outside Stevenage primary school

Stevenage - Disgusting antisemitic graffiti has been sprayed just metres away from a primary school.  It was reported to the police this morning after people saw it written on a footpath next to Ashtree Primary ...

Iran / 08-04-2015

List of Shame - The final list of participants of The Holocaust International Cartoon Contest- 2015

AfghanistanAhmad Momeny AlgeriaGhalem Mohamed SalimGhezal SouadKamel Berrani AlgeriaKhalil ZitouniSaidi  Toufik ArgentinaPercy Eliseo AustraliaLouis Pol AzerbaijanSeyran Caferl BelgiumGeoffrey DelavalleeLuc DescheemaekerNancy StaquetSiegfried VerbekeTom HerckTom Huylebroeck Bosnia-HerzegovinaResad Sultanovic BrazilAlex SouzaAnderson de OliveiraAndre MaximilianoCassoCival EinsteinCristiano TelesDaniel KondoDilmar Kempner JuniorEder SantosErico de ...

United States / 08-04-2015

Antisemitic messages sprayed on Md. synagogue

Gaithersburg, Md - Symbols of hate tarnished a Gaithersburg synagogue during one of the holiest weeks of the Jewish calendar.  Congregation members at Shaare Torah synagogue found Eleven swastikas, the name “Hitler” ...

Iran / 08-04-2015

Iran Holocaust cartoon contest receives hundreds of submissions

Hundreds of people from Iran and around the globe submitted entries for the Islamic Republic's Second International Holocaust Cartoon Contest, a competition official announced Monday.  "839 artworks have also been sent to the secretariat, ...

France / 07-04-2015

Inscription against a school teacher: “Jewish Cohen”

Paris - the words "Jewish Cohen" were written at a school in the southeast of Paris, against a Jewish teacher who teaches at the school, where most of the students are Muslim.  The ...

Poland / 06-04-2015

Cemetery desecrated

Olkusz - gravestones were desecrated in the Jewish cemetery in Olkusz.

Hungary / 06-04-2015

Destruction of Holocaust survivors’ exhibit

Budapest – the Hungarian Jewish community has produced an exhibit of 24 photographs of Holocaust survivors and their families. The photographs are displayed in Madách square in the city.  Vandals destructed  the photographs with ...

Netherlands / 06-04-2015

Antisemitic chants at FC Utrect vs Ajax football match

Utrecht - The Foundation Fighting Antisemitism has filed charges against FC Utrecht because of the antisemitic chants sung by supporters during the match against Ajax on Sunday. The foundation wants the ...

Poland / 06-04-2015

Dozens of tombstones destroyed in Jewish cemetery

Olkusz – Dozens of tombstones were destroyed and even burned recently at a Jewish cemetery in Olkusz (southern Poland).  Graffiti included slogans such as "Jews out", "Jew", Jewish stars and various ...

United States / 06-04-2015

White powder sent to Boulder Jewish centers

Boulder, Colo. - Authorities in Boulder are investigating after someone sent letters with white powder to a Jewish Community Center and Har HaShem, a synagogue in the city.  Field tests showed the powder ...

Hungary / 05-04-2015

Swastika on a wall in front of the synagogue

Budapest – a small swastika was painted on the wall in front of the Great Synagogue in Wesselényi street no. 4. It was removed after a short while.

Israel / 05-04-2015

Memorial defaced

Omer - memorial for fallen IDF soldiers was vandalized over the weekend in Omer, a town in Southern Israel. Swastikas, and the phrases "Gaza" and "Palestine" were spray-painted onto the memorial.   A complaint was ...

The Palestinian authority / 05-04-2015

Palestinian elementary school lesson: ‘Fight the Jews, kill them, and defeat them’

Palestinian Authority continues to incite hatred against all Jews inside and outside of Israel. The latest statements come from the official Palestinian Authority TV station, where a reporter explains how the PA ...

United States / 05-04-2015

Swastika carved into student's car

Framingham, Mass. - A swastika was found etched into a car on the Framingham State University campus Thursday.    Police say the car was parked in the Salem End Road parking lot on Thursday ...

Belgium / 04-04-2015

Firm cancels Belgian Jewish kindergarten’s insurance due to 'high risk' of antisemitic attack

An insurance company has refused to renew the policy of a Jewish kindergarten in Brussels, claiming that the risk of doing so is too high, given the clear threat of antisemitic attacks.    The ...

Morocco / 03-04-2015

Sixth annual Wiesenthal centre report on antisemitism at the Casablanca book fair

“Last Year the Minister Pledged Measures against these Books as They Violate Islam and the Moroccan Constitution.”   “Morocco is targeted by the same Islamists as those who threaten the Jews.”   “Casablanca leads other Arab book ...

France / 02-04-2015

Ongoing antisemitism

Saint-Maur - The controversial polemicist, Dieudonné, calls it "anti-system" gesture, although it’s indeed an expressions of antisemitism. Quenelle – a Nazi gesture - was painted a few days ago at a bus stop, ...

Britain / 02-04-2015

Lecturer headbutted and knocked unconscious in attack in Belsize Park

London - Former UN diplomat  told how he was attacked by a man who had shouted antisemitic abuse at him as he walked his dogs along leafy Lancaster Grove.  Mr Zakariah Fellah, 49, was ...

Bosnia / 02-04-2015

Football fans wave Palestinian flags, chant "Kill, kill, the Jews"

Bosnia fans waved Palestinian flags and chanted "Kill, kill, the Jews" prior to the Austria-Bosnia friendly in Vienna yesterday.

Australia / 01-04-2015

Nazi symbol on Jewish councillor

Marrickville - Marrickville councillor Rosana Tyler, also president of the Newtown Synagogue, was shocked when a sign advertising her legal business was defaced with a Nazi symbol and male genitalia.  “I was shaken ...