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United States / 27-08-2014

Thugs rough-up Jewish couple, drive off flying Palestinian flags

New-York - A gang of antisemitic thugs roughed up a Jewish man and his wife on the Upper East Side on Monday evening before fleeing in cars flying Palestinian flags, police sources ...

Sweden / 26-08-2014

Jewish woman gets death threats - "Sweden is so small, we'll find you all"

Transleted to English by   Gothenburg  - Cecilia, a young Jewish woman from Gothenburg, an article about the war in Gaza on her Facebook profile.  for that, she got death threats - a bunch ...

Portugal / 26-08-2014

Israeli chamber of commerce vandalized

Porto - The Luso-Israel chamber of commerce in Porto was vandalized by a group calling itself 'some poets'.  A bottle of red paint was thrown through a window.  In a statement to the press, the ...

Australia / 26-08-2014

Antisemitic flyers left in Bondi letterboxes

Sydney - Antisemitic flyers saying "wake up white Australia" and referencing a neo-Nazi group have been left in letterboxes in Bondi. NSW Jewish Board of Deputies chief executive Vic Alhadeff said several people in ...

United States / 26-08-2014

Time retracts IDF organ harvesting allegation

Time magazine retracted allegations that Israeli soldiers harvested and sold Palestinian organs.  On Sunday, the magazine deleted the allegations from a two-minute video on its website about the Israel Defense Forces and added ...

Netherlands / 25-08-2014

Senior Dutch gov’t employee: ISIS a Zionist conspiracy

The Hague - A senior employee of the Dutch Justice Ministry said the jihadist Islamic State was created by Zionists seeking to give Islam a bad reputation. Yasmina Haifi, a project leader at ...

Algeria / 24-08-2014

Magazine incites Muslims to attack French Jews

Algiers – In an article headlined  “The war declared between Algerians and French Jews” published on Wednesday, the Algerian journal El Chorouk blames the Jews in France for declaring a war on Algerians in ...

Canada / 24-08-2014

Antisemitic message

Meet Afreeda Zaman. Hydro1 empl, Marham resident & Hitler fan.  Thanks Liberals for bringing in this filth.

Czech / 24-08-2014

Antisemitic message

Prague - Picture of Magen David, swastika and the inscription "Gaza" was found in the rabbi's  personal postbox.

Britain / 23-08-2014

Ken loach calls for cultural boycott of Israel

The Sarajevo Film Festival, which concludes Saturday, has been the scene of yet another hard stance from a filmmaker regarding the conflict in Gaza. Late Thursday, outspoken British director Ken Loach gave ...

Denmark / 22-08-2014

Jewish school vandalized

Copenhagen - The Carolineskolen in Copenhagen was vandalized during the night of Thursday to Friday. Danish media report that windows were smashed and antisemitic graffiti written on the school walls.    “We are the ...

Czech / 22-08-2014

antisemitic graffiti

Mikulov - Antisemitic text about "unfinished work of slaughtering the Jews" was found on a door of an old house in Moravian the city of Mikulov. It says this time Golem will ...

Czech / 22-08-2014

Anti-Israeli sticker on Jewish cemetery

Teplice - A sticker showing "Jewish" bombs falling on Gaza was attached on one of the gravestone at the Jewish cemetery in city of Teplice.

Ukraine / 21-08-2014

Cemetery vandalized

Ludmir (Volodymyr-Volinskyi) – Swastikas were sprayed on the tent placed above the grave Rebbe Shlomo of Karlin.

Belgium / 21-08-2014

Antisemitic attack against 75 old woman

Brussels - A 75-year woman was a victim of antisemitic attack in the premises of the town hall of Ixelles. A man has struck and pushed her to the ground because of her Jewish-sounding ...

United States / 21-08-2014

Temple Univ. Jewish student punched in face and called ‘Kike’ in antisemitic attack

Philadelphia, PA - A Jewish student on the campus of Temple University was assaulted on Wednesday afternoon and called “kike” and “baby killer” by members of the Students for Justice in Palestine ...

Britain / 21-08-2014

UK-Based journalist justifies rise in global antisemitism

An op-ed in a prominent Saudi Arabian newspaper justified statements from international anti-Israel rallies calling for Jews to be killed as an "understandable reaction" to the "barbaric war" Israel is conducting in Gaza.   The piece in ...

United States / 21-08-2014

Antisemitic leaflets

Email received from one of our  surfers:  Newport Beach (CA) -  A friend had this leaflet left on her car. She forwarded me the images. She said that all the cars in ...

France / 20-08-2014

Antisemitic Graffiti

Givet (08) – Yesterday morning the workers arrived at the construction site in Trois Fontaines, at the exit of the city of Givet and discovered that unknown persons had sprayed anti-Semitic blasphemous inscriptions ...

Switzerland / 20-08-2014

Anti-Israel protesters tried to force their way into Geneva synaogue

Geneva - Muslim woman wearing a niqab veil first attempted to enter the Beth Yaakov Great Synagogue while waving a Palestinian flag last Saturday. She held a placard saying "Every synagogue is an Israeli embassy" ...

United States / 20-08-2014

Antisemitic hate graffiti

Flatbush, Brooklyn, NY - The Jewish community in Flatbush was shocked to discover on Tuesday anti-Jewish hate graffiti scribbled on a post in one of the streets of the Jewish populated neighborhoods ...

Germany / 19-08-2014

Jewish synagogue desecrated

Gröbzig – The Jewish synagogue in Gröbzig has once again been desecrated. The incident probably occurred on the night between Saturday and Sunday. After unknown persons broke open the synagogue gate, they sprayed antisemitic ...

Uruguay / 19-08-2014

Antisemitic graffiti

Montevideo – We communicate an illustration demonstrating new graffiti in front of the Jewish Cultural Association Dr. Chaim Zitlovsky

Bosnia / 19-08-2014

Bosnian fans display huge swastika flag during EuroBasket game officiated by Israeli referee

During the international EuroBasket game between Bosnia and Herzegovina Vs. Iceland several Bosnian fans unveiled an Israeli flag with a giant swastika on it. The atrocious antisemitic gesture was to intimidate Erez Gurionan, ...

Britain / 19-08-2014

Synagogue window smashed, "death to Jews" posted nearby

London - A brick was thrown through the window of Cockfosters & N Southgate Synagogue and an antisemitic sign was posted to the window of a Norwood shop nearby.

Sweden / 18-08-2014

Severely beaten for wearing the Star of David

Gottsunda, Uppsala – A Swedish Jewess in her forties was attacked a few days ago in Gottsunda, a suburb of the city of Uppsala, in central Sweden, by several Muslim hooligans, for wearing ...

Britain / 18-08-2014

Sainsbury's store strips shelves of kosher food as protestors gather outside

Holborn,  London  - A Sainsbury’s branch has caused outrage after staff emptied its shelves of all kosher food over fears that anti-Israel protesters might attack it.  The manager of the store in Holborn, ...

Turkey / 18-08-2014

Daily targets Turkish Jews in headline

Istanbul - The pro-government Milat daily targeted Turkish nationals from the Jewish community who also hold Israeli passports in its Thursday issue by arguing that since Israeli citizens are required to serve ...

United States / 18-08-2014

Restaurateur served up death threats; continues to fly Israeli flag

Potomac, Md.  - Benny Fischer, a local Jewish restaurateur, didn’t expect much of a controversy when he decided last week to hang a pair of Israeli and American flags outside his restaurant.  But he got ...

Argentina / 17-08-2014

Complaint regarding antisemitism filed against caricature author

Rosario – On July 23rd, the newspaper “La Plata” published an antisemitic caricature that was reported to the legal authorities. Attorney Daniel Kantor from Rosario filed a complaint with the INADI (the National ...

France / 17-08-2014

Home vandalized with antisemitic graffiti

Bordeaux - A home was vandalized with antisemitic graffiti.  The one above says "hiding Jew"

France / 17-08-2014

Violent attack in Marseille

Marseille (eighth arrondissement) – A man wearing a kippah wanted to enter his garage, when he saw a vehicle blocking the entrance. He honked and a young man came down from the building ...

United States / 17-08-2014

4 Orthodox Jewish teens attacked

Borough Park, Brooklyn, NY - NYPD patchFour orthodox Jewish teenagers were assaulted Friday night on Ft. Hamilton Parkway and 42nd Street in the Borough Park section of Brooklyn.  The teenagers, 2 boys and 2 ...

Iran / 17-08-2014

Iran holds Gaza exhibition, cartoon and caricature contest

Tehran - Iran’s House of Cartoon, a professional artist guild sponsored by the municipality of Tehran, announced the opening of an international cartoon contest on the “Israeli war on Gaza,” which has drawn submissions ...

South Africa / 17-08-2014

Threat against the Jewish community

Cape Town - Tony Ehrenreich, Western Cape Secretary of the Congress of Trade Unions South Africa posted on Facebook  that, “The time has come to say very clearly that if a woman or ...

Germany / 16-08-2014

Antisemitic attack

Stadthagen – On Thursday, Akhmed Agades, Chair of the Young Greens in Schaumburg was attacked by a youngster in the city center for no apparent reason. Agades says that the man called him ...

Algeria / 16-08-2014

Following dispute over his Jewish background Sean Paul’s show has been cancelled

Algiers – The call for boycotting American singer Sean Paul’s show was paid off. His scheduled show in August has been cancelled. In his official internet site the singer announces the postponement of ...

Hungary / 16-08-2014

Antisemitic graffiti

Budapest – UNICEF campaign poster vandalized with antsiemitic graffiti.  UNICEF placard reads: "Children never start a war". Someone add: "But fucking Jews do". In Hungarian:   "Sosem gyerekek kezdik a háborút" - "Hanem a rohadt zsidók"

United States / 15-08-2014

Antisemitic flyers surface at Jewish-owned business

Westwood, Los Angeles - A Jewish store owner was shocked to find antisemitic flyers, with swastikas and the words "WARNING" and "WANTED" emblazoned on them, left underneath the door of his Westwood business.   

France / 14-08-2014

Jewish man assaulted over Gaza war

Marseilles - A man in his 60s was lightly wounded in an apparent antisemitic assault in Marseille.  The assault Tuesday began after the victim drove up to his own garage to discover it ...

United States / 14-08-2014

Car vandalized with swastika at murdered rabbi’s Fla. memorial

Miami Beach, Fla - A mourner attending a memorial service in North Miami Beach, Fla., for murdered rabbi Joseph Raksin had his car defaced with antisemitic symbols.   A swastika and Iron Cross were etched on a BMW ...

South Korea / 13-08-2014

Antisemitic propaganda on the South-Korean TV

Seoul – The news commentator on South Korea national TV uses Der Stürmer-style caricatures. The KBSI channel is financed by the South Korean tax payer. This occurs in the main evening edition on ...

Ireland / 13-08-2014

Plaque honouring former Israeli president removed in Belfast

Belfast - A marker commemorating the Belfast birthplace of the late Israeli president Chaim Herzog was removed following several anti-Semitic attacks.  The blue plaque honoring Herzog, Israel’s president from 1983 to 1993, was taken ...

Uruguay / 12-08-2014

Antisemitic hateful inscriptions

Punta del Este – written in large black letters, inscriptions like “Jews, get out of Punta del Este” and others were seen, even near the synagogue located at the area of station 13 ...

Switzerland / 12-08-2014

Jew stabbed in supermarket

Davos - A Hassidic Jew was attacked by a 60-year old local. The Jew reported that when he entered a local supermarket, a man stabbed him and shouted antisemitic things at him.  ...

Italy / 11-08-2014

Anti-Israel poster

Livorno – “Stop the holocaust in Gaza. Israel is the true terrorist”. A poster with this inscription appeared in Livorno not very far from City Hall and it has been affixed there already ...

Germany / 11-08-2014

Harsh hate speech uttered during a friendly game

Hannover – During a friendly game between the sports association in Hannover and Lazio Rom harsh hate speech was uttered. About thirty fans (of BFC Legion Germania Berlin, Lok Leipzig, Lazio Rom) yelled ...

United States / 11-08-2014

Glass doors vandalized at House of Israel

San Diego - Glass doors were shattered by rocks at the House of Israel in Balboa Park, a cottage that showcases Israeli history and culture in San Diego. No message left behind and nothing ...

United States / 11-08-2014

Nazi-era antisemitic propaganda handed out at pro-Palestinian rally

Chicago - According to a post at Legal Insurrection, it seems supporters of Hamas have decided to recycle the same propaganda used by Hitler’s thugs.  There is one difference, here, and it’s very important. ...

Germany / 11-08-2014

Jewish cemetery vandalized

Sondershausen - The Jewish cemetery in Sondershausen (central Germany) was vandalized. A section of the fence was knocked down, as well as one of the grave stones.

Costa Rica / 10-08-2014

Antisemitic poster in the University

San Jose – anti-Israeli poster with antisemitic motives was affixed at San Jose University. The poster read as follows: “Global mobilization. We will prevent genocide in Gaza.”(Movilizacion Mundial. Impidamos otro genocidio en Gaza.)

Italy / 10-08-2014

Posters in Rome: "Do not buy from Jews!"

Rome - Early Saturday morning, areas of Rome were plastered with posters saying "Do not buy from Jews!" with a list of 50 Jewish-owned stores to be boycotted.    Using the Gaza war as their excuse ...

South Africa / 10-08-2014

Antisemitic banner

Johannesburg - An antisemitic banner was hung over a bridge on Barry Hertzog Avenue.

Britain / 10-08-2014

Antisemitic stickers

Golders Green, London - A man has been arrested for putting up antisemitic posters and stickers around Golders Green describing Israel as a "disease".  Police received a number of complaints about the racially ...

South Africa / 10-08-2014

Antisemitic harassment

Johannesburg - a 16 year old girl went for a run in her Jewish day school uniform   A vehicle approached her and two Middle Eastern male occupants shouted “Hitler should have finished ...

France / 09-08-2014

Reims Deputy Mayor accused of antisemitism after posting a tweet regarding mosque bombing

Reims – Mario Rossi, Reims Deputy Mayor, posted on Monday a tweet regarding the massacre in the Palestinian enclave, a statement that caused scandal because it is hard to read or hear the ...

United States / 09-08-2014

North Miami Beach Rabbi Shot and Killed on Shabbat

Miami Beach - Joseph Raskin, a 60-year-old Orthodox rabbi, was shot and killed on his way to synagogue in North Miami Beach on Saturday morning.  Police are searching for two suspects said to be young ...

Britain / 09-08-2014

Synagogue is sprayed with pro-Gaza graffiti

Hove - The words ‘Free Gaza’ were found sprayed in black onto the door of the Hove Hebrew Congregation in Hove.

United States / 09-08-2014

Israeli flag burned at Northampton synagogue

Northampton, MA - Northampton police are investigating the burning of an Israeli flag at a city synagogue. Police say the flag was burned Wednesday afternoon, and appears to be the result of a ...

Britain / 08-08-2014

George Galloway declares Bradford ‘an Israel-free zone’ and warns away ‘Israeli tourists’

Bradford - George Galloway claims to have “declared Bradford an Israel-free zone”, saying that he wants the city to reject all Israeli goods, services, academics – and even tourists.   Reportedly speaking at a meeting of ...

Belgium / 07-08-2014

Harsh and serious antisemitic expression of party member in Flanders

Antwerp – Hassan Aarab, an owner of a bakery in Deurne, which won the “Golden Smile” Prize for a customer-friendly retail store, is also a local politician in the CD&V party sterkervlaanderensterkerland.  Hassan wrote very ...

Belgium / 07-08-2014

Disquieting phenomenon: Jews conceal their identity on Facebook to escape hate expressions

This is a growing phenomenon at the time when the war in Gaza  intensifies: Belgian Jews prefer to conceal their identity on the social networks in order to escape  expressions of hatred ...

France / 07-08-2014

Antisemitic hateful inscription on a synagogue

Reims – The synagogue in Reims was sprayed during the night between Wednesday and Thursday with hateful antisemitic inscriptions. The damage was discovered this morning at 2 o’clock. On two walls at the entrance ...

Italy / 07-08-2014

Antisemitic offensive inscription on a synagogue entrance

Gorizia – An antisemitic offensive expression along with threats was written on the wall of the Gorizia synagogue compound. The phrase was written on the night between Monday and Tuesday. In broken English ...

Australia / 07-08-2014

Australian columnist resigns over antisemitic rants

Mike Carlton, a longstanding columnist for Saturday’s edition of the Sydney Morning Herald, resigned “on the spot” Tuesday when management suspended him after he called one reader a “Jewish bigot” and told others ...

Netherlands / 07-08-2014

Holocaust monument defaced

Gorinchem - A memorial to the Jews of Gorinchem who were murdered in the Holocaust was defaced and a "Free Gaza" graffiti sprayed next to it.

South Africa / 07-08-2014

Antisemitic harassment

Johannesburg - A member of the Jewish community was walking towards his vehicle after attending a marathon.  A vehicle drove past him and a middle eastern male shouted “Hitler was right, kill the ...

United States / 07-08-2014

Swastika painted on Valparaiso garage

Valparaiso, IN - Valparaiso police said a swastika was discovered painted on a garage across the street from Temple Israel.  The swastika was painted in white on a concrete chimney. 

United States / 07-08-2014

College Professor claims antisemitism doesn't exist in the Middle East

Washington - According to American University professor Hillary Mann Leverett, antisemitism doesn't exist in the Middle East.  The Senior Adjunct Professorial Lecturer at the School of International Service recently appeared on MSNBC and ...

New Zealand / 07-08-2014

New Zealand’s Jewish prime minister’s campaign billboard defaced

Auckland - New Zealand’s Jewish prime minister, John Key has had one of his billboards in Auckland defaced. 

Australia / 07-08-2014

Antisemitic attack on bus full of Jewish school students

Sydney  - A bus full of Jewish schoolchildren were terrorized in Australia Wednesday when eight men boarded the bus and threatened to cut their throats.  The bus was carrying children from Mount Sinai, ...

Germany / 06-08-2014

Nazi graffiti on FC Schalke 04 logo at the sports club in Glückauf

Gelsenkirchen – Unknown persons once again sprayed antisemitic graffiti on walls. After a synagogue window was smashed in mid-July and the Schalke football club offered to pay for the repair, now the wall ...

Germany / 06-08-2014

Unknown persons sprayed swastikas on a monument

Hannover – Swastikas were spray-painted on the memorial panel of the old synagogue on Rote Reihe Street. The police announced that the damage had been discovered already on Sunday. The authorities have launched ...

Germany / 06-08-2014

Nazis distributed leaflets in the market

Weissenburg-Gunzenhausen – Members of the district alliance against the Right noticed during their shopping in the Weissenburg market on Saturday, August 2, 2014, that several hundred leaflets had been distributed. From the leaflets ...

Britain / 06-08-2014

National Union of Students votes to boycott Israel

The National Union of Students has voted to boycott Israel.  At a special meeting on Monday, the NUS national executive committee adopted a policy of Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions.  Under the policy, which ...

Sweden / 06-08-2014

Politician says Palestinians are being 'slaughtered by the Jewish pigs'

Filipstad - Omar Omeirat, Social Democrat candidate for the town council of Filipstad, central Sweden, gave a speech in the town on Friday evening advocating diversity and openness.   On Saturday he sang a ...

United States / 06-08-2014

Antisemitic graffiti

Carbondale, IL  - The Carbondale Police Department continues to investigate a report of antisemitic  graffiti written on a sidewalk last week.  The graffiti, written with chalk, compared what the Nazis did to ...

Italy / 06-08-2014

MEMRI TV clip of Sheikh calling on Allah to kill the Jews leads to his expulsion by Italian Interior Ministry

San Donà di Piave - A MEMRI TV clip released yesterday, showed Sheikh Abd Al-Barr Al-Rawdhi in a Friday sermon at Al-Rahma Mosque in San Donà di Piave, Province of Venice, Italy calling on ...

South Africa / 06-08-2014

Threats against a Jewish couple

Johannesburg - A community member was getting coffee from a garage with a female friend.  While they were waiting in the queue, three young Middle Eastern males behind them said “look, these are ...

France / 05-08-2014

French senator distributed antisemitic photos

Paris – Nathalie Goulet, a French politician and senator, distributed cartoons of the Justice Minister, Tzipi Livni, the Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and the former President, Shimon Peres.  And this is OK. Nathalie Goulet did ...

Brazil / 05-08-2014

Call to boycott Jewish products

Rio de Janeiro  - After the diplomatic incident between Brasil and Israel due the Protective Edge Operation, a supposed politician candidate from Rio de Janeiro, Ana Amelia Mello Franco, preached for the confiscation ...

Brazil / 05-08-2014

Swastika on a Jewish school

Rio de Janeiro - A swastika was drawn on the external gate of a Jewish school in Botafogo ,Rio de Janeiro.

Uruguay / 04-08-2014

Residents of the Pocitos neighborhood reported antisemitic blasphemous inscription discovered on a building

Pocitos, Montevideo – Swastikas were seen on the inner doors of the elevator in six different floors. The Jewish Central Committee will investigate the matter.  Residents of the Pocitos neighborhood filed a complaint at ...

Hungary / 04-08-2014

Hungarian mayor hanged Netanyahu’s and Peres’s effigies

Érpatak - Érpatak is a small village in Eastern-Hungary with a population of 1800 and its scandalous Jobbik-affiliated mayor, Mihály Zoltán Orosz, who is known for evoking the World War II hungarist era in his ...

Australia / 04-08-2014

Jews abused at Perth shopping centre

Perth - A visiting Hasidic Jewish leader has been the target of anti-Semitic abuse and threatened with physical violence outside the Morley Galleria.   The Rebbe, who is in Perth on a lecture tour, ...

Britain / 04-08-2014

Store selling Israeli products gets death threats

Manchester  - A cosmetics store, that sells Israeli cosmetics has been victimized by callers threatening to kill the staff and burn down the store.   Local police are investigating the ongoing threats, the Jewish ...

Turkey / 04-08-2014

Erdogan: Israel deliberately killing Palestinian mothers

Istanbul - In yet another verbal tirade against Israeli, Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan on Sunday accused the Jewish state of “deliberately killing Palestinian mothers”, Reuters reported.    Addressing hundreds of thousands of ...

Australia / 04-08-2014

Sydney newspaper apologises for 'antisemitic' cartoon

Sydney  - Sydney Morning Herald used the cartoon by Glen Le Lievre on July 26. It was published alongside a column criticising Israel's attack on Gaza. Columnist Mike Carlton 'stands by every word' ...

Germany / 03-08-2014

Serious antisemitic incident

Frankfurt – Last night, around 01:30, a beer bottle was hurled at a bathroom window of a Jewish woman (it should be noted that from the outside it was impossible to discern that ...

Uruguay / 03-08-2014

Antisemitic inscription on the beach

Ciudad de la Costa – Antisemitic inscription was sprayed on the beach. The inscription read: “Jews, get out of my country.” (Judios fuera de mi País).

Malaysia / 03-08-2014

Newlyweds desecrate Israeli flag on wedding day

Malacca - A couple decided to create something memorable on their wedding day: stepping on and burning the Israeli flag as a sign of protest against the regime's violence towards the Palestinians in ...

Jordan / 03-08-2014

Jordan municipality uses Israeli flag as welcome mat to city hall

Ma'an - Citizens arriving at the Ma'an city hall in Jordan are greeted with an Israeli flag spread on the floor and the demand to step on it.  The flag was placed right at ...

Australia / 03-08-2014

‘Zionist scum’ daubed on Jewish school

Perth - Vandals struck at Perth’s Carmel School early last Friday morning, daubing a message of hatred on a wall.   When staff and students arrived at Carmel on Friday morning, they discovered the ...

Brazil / 03-08-2014

Antisemitic graffiti

São Paulo - The outside wall of the Kiruv Achim Synagogue was spray-painted. Vandals wrote “Nazi” with a Magen David.  

Brazil / 03-08-2014

Antisemitic attack

São Paulo - Yeshivá student was attacked by a 20 year old man, when he was leaving the yeshiva. The boy managed to escape.

Netherlands / 03-08-2014

Man shows in clip how he'll kill Zionists "like Zombies"

The Hague - Said C., the owner of a controversial driving school from the Hague, threatened to kill Zionists "like Zombies".  In a clip he posted to his business' Facebook page, Said said ...

Nicaragua / 03-08-2014

Pope Francis should cast out Netanyahu’s demons, Nicaragua president says

Managua - Israeli PM is apparently possessed by the devil, Nicaraguan President Daniel Ortega said, urging Pope Francis to cast out his demons. Ortega also called on the international community to impose sanctions ...

Ireland / 03-08-2014

Antisemitic graffitti

Lucan  - A man has been arrested in Dublin after antisemitic graffiti was daubed on a road in Lucan.  Ronanstown gardaí arrested a man in his 40s early this morning.  He has since ...

United States / 02-08-2014

Antisemitic graffiti

Clearwater, FL - A Jewish store owner got quite the shock when he opened up one of his storage units after kicking out an unruly tenant.    The walls were covered with antisemitic jargon, ...

Netherlands / 01-08-2014

Another assault incident in Amsterdam following hanging of an Israeli flag on a house balcony

Amsterdam – A woman was severely beaten in East Amsterdam because she hung an Israeli flag on her balcony. The woman had already received death threats.  Seraphina Verhofstadt was hit in her stomach and ...

Brazil / 01-08-2014

Antisemitic graffiti

São Paulo - Graffiti with the word “Nazi” with a Star of David was spray-painted in São Paulo city.  The same graffiti was spray-painted in one synagogue.

Brazil / 01-08-2014

Antisemitic signs

Sao Paulo - The siding that protects the renovation work of the future installations of Sao Paulo Jewish Museum was desecrated. The slogan “Free Palestine” and “killers” were found written.

Britain / 01-08-2014

Kingston shul targeted as antisemitic incident

Kingston, London - A sign saying “child murderers” has been plastered on the doors of Kingston Synagogue. Congregants arrived at the shul earlier this week to find the shocking message. the latest anti-Semitic ...

Czech / 01-08-2014

Antisemitic incident

Prague - Picture of swastika inside of Star of David with sign GAZA was found today in mailbox of Jerusalem-Jubilee Synagogue in Prague.

Turkey / 01-08-2014

Turkish PM slams Israeli 'Hitler-like fascism'

Ankara - Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan on Thursday accused Israel of showing "Hitler-like fascism" against the Palestinians.   Speaking at a mass rally in eastern Turkey to promote his candidacy in presidential elections, ...

Hungary / 01-08-2014

Holocaust memorial desecrated

Budapest - Holocaust memorial was vandalized with "Freedom for Palestine" text.   Those shoes erect memory for Jews shot into the Danube in 1944.

Belgium / 01-08-2014

Brussels Jewish museum suspect's lawyers performed quenelle with Dieudonné

The Belgian lawyers defending Mehdi Nemmouche, the man suspected of killing four people at the Brussels Jewish Museum in May, have been pictured performing the anti-Semitic quenelle gesture along with its creator, French comedian ...

France / 01-08-2014

Jew attacked with baseball bat

Paris - On Saturday (the Jewish Sabbath), a group of Jews leaving a synagogue in Paris were accosted by a man in a car who shouted at them "dirty Jew".   When a ...