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Britain / 20-11-2014

'Jewish people chase money' – Wigan owner Dave Whelan at centre of antisemitic storm

Wigan - Wigan Athletic owner Dave Whelan has come under fire for comments where he described Jewish people as "money-chasers" and says the term "chink" is not offensive.  The club has been embroiled ...

United States / 20-11-2014

Man beaten with sticks in alleged hate crime following Brooklyn fender bender

Brooklyn, NY - Three people are charged with beating a Hasidic Jew in New York City in an attack that police are investigating as a hate crime.  According to the station, Ruben ...

United States / 20-11-2014

Berkeley students prefer ISIS flag to Israeli flag

Students at the University of California, Berkeley (UCB) are infuriated by an Israeli flag but not by a flag representing the terrorist organization, ISIS according to a new video posted to YouTube.   Ami ...

Poland / 20-11-2014

Synagogue windows smashed

Lancut - Unknown perpetrators have smashed some of the synagogue’s windows. 

New Zealand / 20-11-2014

NZ Candidate posts antisemitic image

Auckland - Corie Haddock, the Labour Party candidate who stood against New Zealand Prime Minister John Key in the recent NZ election, has posted an antisemitic image on his Facebook page.  The post states that ...

Italy / 20-11-2014

Jewish employee called "Jewish pig"

Livorno - Bruno Bastogi, Jewish man from Livorno (northern Italy), posted an antisemitic note he got from a coworker via WhatsApp. The note says: "Bastogi, Jewish pig, you're right!"  Bastogi says that this ...

United States / 20-11-2014

Suspects made antisemitic statements before attacking Hasidic Jewish man with umbrella

Brooklyn, NY - Rabbi Haim, An Orthodox Jewish man was beaten on Monday afternoon in Brooklyn.   According to the NYPD, the 53-year-old man was waiting for a train at the Marcy Avenue station in Williamsburg ...

Britain / 19-11-2014

Man arrested after car tires slashed in Stamford Hill

Stamford Hill, London - Police have arrested a man in connection with a racially motivated attack in a Jewish area of London.  Tires on over 40 cars parked in streets in Stamford ...

Israel / 18-11-2014

Four killed in Jerusalem synagogue terror attack

Jerusalem - Four Israelis were killed and several others wounded in a terror attack on Tuesday morning in a synagogue in the western Jerusalem neighborhood of Har Nof.   Two assailants were killed at the scene ...

United States / 18-11-2014

Antisemitic graffiti

Staten Island, N.Y. - The NYPD is investigating anti-Semitic graffiti and Nazi symbols on the facade and door of a Prince's Bay methadone clinic and on a van parked outside.    An Advance reader ...

South Africa / 18-11-2014

Antisemitic harassment

Johannesburg - A member of the community was walking into Balfour Park Shopping Centre with a Magen David around his neck.  Two Middle Eastern males in their 20’s walked past the victim ...

Ukraine / 18-11-2014

Swastikas painted on Babi Yar memorial

Kiev - Swastikas were painted on the Holocaust memorial monument at Babi Yar in Kiev.  It is the second time that the monument has been vandalized in two months.  The graffiti was found Monday ...

New Zealand / 18-11-2014

Antisemitic attack

Auckland - 4-5 Middle Eastern men aged 25-35 were seen taking photos outside the Chabad House Auckland from a small silver vehicle. One of the men got out of the car and approached a ...

Israel / 17-11-2014

Swastika attack in Jerusalem’s old city

Jerusalem - Swastikas were found this morning (Sunday) on a wall in the Muslim Quarter of Jerusalem's Old City.    It is thought that the vandals struck last night. Police have opened an investigation ...

Austria / 16-11-2014

Saudi school 'teaching antisemitism'

Vienna - A reporter from News magazine got hold of a copy of a school history textbook which is said to contain "a smorgasbord of conspiracy theories and incitement against Jews, Israelis and ...

Spain / 15-11-2014

The new mayor apologizes

Collado Villalba – The new mayor of Collado Villalba (Madrid), Mariola Vargas from the people’s party (PP), apologized to the Jewish community for using the expression “Jewish bitch” last Wednesday during a “test” ...

Belgium / 15-11-2014

Rabbi stabbed in the throat in Antwerp

Antwerp - An Orthodox Jewish man who was stabbed in his neck in Antwerp in a suspected antisemitic attack was released from the hospital.   The victim, identified as Yehosha Malik, 31, sustained injuries classified as moderate on ...

Germany / 14-11-2014

Nazis demand Jews' addresses

Dortmond - A neo-Nazi party has demanded to know where all Jews in the city of Dortmund live in a chilling echo of the build-up to the Holocaust. Die Rechte – The Right – ...


Samantha Power, U.S. ambassador, issues warning on antisemitism in Europe

Against the backdrop of what several speakers called an unmistakable rise in antisemitism in Europe, the American ambassador to the United Nations warned on Thursday that the increase in attacks poses a ...

Italy / 12-11-2014

Rome, Militia: “The antisemitic banners are a revolutionary act”

The leaders of the far-right movement Militia, Stefano Schiavulli and Maurizio Boccacci, assumed the ideological and practical responsibility for the inscriptions on the walls and the placards that in 2010 were aimed, among ...

The Palestinian authority / 12-11-2014

Social media campaign glorifies & encourages car terror against Israelis

In the past two weeks, “run over” car attacks by Pales­tin­ian ter­ror­ists have resulted in the death and injury of sev­eral Israeli civil­ians. These ter­ror­ist attacks have inspired a social media cam­paign ...

Germany / 11-11-2014

Memorial plaque defaced

Wanne-Eickel – Ahead of the memorial ceremony to commemorate the Kristallnacht pogrom in 1938, a memorial plaque at the site of the old synagogue in town was defaced.  Local workers discovered the damage ...

United States / 11-11-2014

Man charged in synagogue vandalism wanted to "Shoot Jews"

Lombard, IL - DuPage County prosecutors are petitioning to revoke bail for a man charged with vandalizing a west suburban synagogue last month after he told his mother he was going to “shoot ...

South Africa / 11-11-2014

Antisemitic graffiti

Johannesburg - "Jews will burn" was written on the elevator in a shopping mall frequented by the Jewish community.

Netherlands / 11-11-2014

Motorists threaten Dutch chief rabbi

The Hague - Dutch Chief Rabbi Binyomin Jacobs filed a complaint with police against two men whom he said tried to intimidate him at a gas station.  Jacobs, chief rabbi of the Interprovincial ...

Russia / 10-11-2014

Antisemitic stickers on synagogue in the city of Perm

Perm – On the National Unity day, unknown persons affixed stickers on the synagogue building.  On November 4, 2014, two stickers were discovered on the synagogue building: “Achtung! Nazi’s hier” and a picture of ...

Belgium / 10-11-2014

Burning of a Star of David

Hasselt – On Saturday night, a group of youngsters ignited and burned a wooden Star of David. The act was done in the Alken forest area. The local mayor, Mr. Marc Penxten, ...

France / 10-11-2014

Kippah-wearing Jewish teen attacked by gang

Paris - A Jewish teenager was attacked outside the PROGRESS school in Paris by a gang of about fifteen African teens.  The teenager, who says he was beaten up all over his ...

Turkey / 10-11-2014

Antisemitic poster on a synagogue

Istanbul - A sign was put up on the entrance of "Neve Shalom" synagogue, the biggest synagogue in  Istanbul.   "A Place to be Destroyed" was written on the sign.

Poland / 09-11-2014

Police arrest man for alleged antisemitic assault

Warsaw - Police in Warsaw arrested a man for allegedly assaulting a 78-year-old man while shouting antisemitic insults.  The suspect, identified in Polish media as a 30-year-old man whose first name is Pawel, ...

United States / 09-11-2014

Swastikas drawn on fliers

Boston - Officials at Northeastern University are investigating after swastikas were found on fliers for a school event.  The two posters were notifying the public about an event sponsored by Alliance for Israel ...

United States / 08-11-2014

Antisemitic graffiti

Bethesda - Scrawled across a white label marking the collection times of a blue United States postal box in Bethesda is the ominous message, “JEWS=WAR + MONEY.”  Spotted by a Washington Jewish Week ...

Britain / 08-11-2014

Jewish headstones vandalized

Hereford - Vandals targeted nine Jewish headstones in a secluded part of the Hereford cemetery – leaving families to foot the bill, which could rise to hundreds of pounds each, for repairs.   The ...

France / 07-11-2014

Molotov cocktail hurled at a kosher restaurant

Paris – a Molotov cocktail was hurled at a kosher restaurant in the 17th arrondissement. A fire erupted at the site, but it was extinguished. The restaurant owner said that before that ...

United States / 06-11-2014

Family NYC Halloween costume: Nazi officer and baby concentration camp victim

NY - A family in New York City was seen wearing Nazi-themed costumes on Halloween, with the father dressed as a Nazi officer and a young child as a concentration camp victim.  The photo shows ...


300 human rights groups: suspend EU-Israel agreement

More than 300 human rights groups, trade unions and political parties from across Europe have called for the EU to hold Israel accountable for its massacre of Gaza earlier this year by suspending ...

United Nations / 06-11-2014

Amnesty international director likens Israel to ISIS

Amnesty International UK campaigns director, Kristyan Benedict, Tweeted on Wednesday that Israel should be compared to the Islamic State, utilizing the hashtag #JSIL, which has been popularized by anti-Israel and anti-Semitic extremist groups.   Although Israel is ...

United States / 06-11-2014

String of antisemitic incidents

East Hanover, NJ - There have been three separate antisemitic incidents at HAnover Park High School in the last few weeks, district Superintendent Carol Grossi said in a letter released Wednesday, calling the incidents ...

Argentina / 05-11-2014

Antisemitic demonstration outside the opera hall during Mayumana performance

Buenos Aires – Members of the “The other Jews” (Los Otros Judios) movement demonstrated in front of the opera hall gates, where a performance of the Israeli troupe Mayumana was taking place, ...

Argentina / 05-11-2014

Antisemitic graffiti

Córdoba - A swastika has been sprayed on the passage leading to the house of the Córdoba rabbi.

Argentina / 05-11-2014

Antisemitic graffiti

Buenos Aires - Unknown persons sprayed the inscription : “Be a patriot, kill a Jew” in the Once neighborhood - the residential place of a large part of the Jewish community.  

Norway / 05-11-2014

Max Blumenthal says Israeli soldiers slaughtered Palestinian civilians with chicken knives

Oslo - Max Blumenthal (He is a senior writer for AlterNet, and the author of Goliath and Republican Gomorrah) spoke at Globalisation Conference  2014, Oslo, about Norwegian weapons export to Israel.  Blumenthal accused Israel of committing ...

Germany / 05-11-2014

Woman attacked for speaking Hebrew

Berlin - A young French woman was attacked in Moabit  after speaking on her mobile phone in Hebrew. The woman said she passed a group of five teenagers at around 9pm Monday while speaking ...

Scotland / 05-11-2014

Kedem staff member doused in ‘burning’ chemical in hate attack

Glasgow - A Greek teenager was attacked in a booth in Glasgow’s St Enoch Centre, for daring to sell Israeli cosmetics.    Iona Georgianna, 18, was working in the Kedem outlet on October ...

Germany / 05-11-2014

American tourist robbed, called 'Jewish bastard'

Cologne - An American tourist was robbed in the Central Station in Cologne. The man had turned to a group of teenagers to ask for directions. In return they pushed him down and searched ...

Germany / 04-11-2014

Shots at the door of the Jewish hospital

Berlin – It appears that an unknown person shot at the Jewish hospital in Gesundbrunnen. The police announced on Sunday that a security man identified Saturday, around 19:00, a hole in the ...

France / 04-11-2014

Arrested following antisemitic insults

Villeurbanne - a 17-year old woman was arrested Tuesday on Stalingrad Avenue in Villeurbanne. She was accused of shouting antisemitic exclamations towards three youngsters she had met and of threatening to kill ...

Germany / 04-11-2014

Antisemitic slogans in Judenstrasse

Erftstadt – a few days before the planned march commemorating Kristallnacht, antisemitic inscriptions were found on walls of the buildings at the corner of Judenstrasse and Klosterstrasse. In addition, on a street sign ...

Saudi Arabia / 04-11-2014

Saudi man barred from travel after visiting synagogue in Egypt

Saudi man is still barred from traveling a year after he visited an Egyptian synagogue.  “We visited a synagogue called ‘Hashamayim’,” during a tourist visit, the man told the London-based Arab daily Al-Hayat ...

France / 03-11-2014

Dieudonné tells his little son about gas chambers (video)

In this video, popular French comedian Dieudonné's little son tells his father: "Dad, Father Christmas doesn't exist".  Dieudonné, whose antisemitism makes many French- speakers in Europe laugh, replies with a question: "And ...

Germany / 03-11-2014

Part of 'Arbeit macht frei' sign stolen from Dachau concentration camp

Dachau - art of a wrought-iron gate bearing the Nazis' slogan "Arbeit macht frei," or "Work sets you free," has been stolen from the former Dachau concentration camp, police said Sunday.Dachau, ...

United States / 03-11-2014

On-going anti-Jew public awareness campaign

New Hampshire - Below are some photos from the anti-Jew public awareness campaign currently on-going in New Hampshire. A good amount of signs have already been posted but unfortunately since most Americans merely ...

Tunisia / 02-11-2014

Bernard Henry levy formally asked to leave Tunisia

Tunis – The French philosopher who arrived in Tunis on Friday evening, October 31st, 2014, must pack his luggage and leave Tunisia on the first flight leaving for Paris. An official source in ...

Russia / 02-11-2014

Kremlin attack on Russian website for ‘Nazi’ list of wealthy Jews meets skeptical response

A Kremlin-backed human rights body has assailed a Russian website as “Nazi” and “racist” for claiming that nearly one quarter of Russia’s billionaires are Jewish – but the response from one Jewish leader ...

Portugal / 02-11-2014

Memorial to Jewish victims of 1506 massacre in Lisbon vandalised ('Ebola' inscription)

Lisbon - The word "Ebola" was inscribed on the back of the memorial to the Jewish victims of the 1506 massacre in Lisbon.  It is estimated that between 2,000 and 4,000 Jews ...

Britain / 02-11-2014

Man who threatened to ‘burn Jews’ on bus jailed for five months

Bowes Road, London - A man who threatened to burn down a bus packed with Jewish women and children has been jailed for five months for his antisemitic tirade.  Ian Campbell, 42, of Bowes ...

Germany / 01-11-2014

School spokesman resigns

Offenbach – Max Mozes  Bonifer, school spokesman in Offenbach, has decided to resign following death threats he received from Muslim girl students. “Since the war in Gaza last summer, youngsters of Arab ...

Russia / 01-11-2014

"Aryan Girls" tries to design the best white supremacist logo for its Russian Facebook group

VKontakte (VK), Russia’s Facebook, seems to be a breeding ground for creative and looks-conscious Nazis. First the Nazis hold a Miss Hitler pageant. Then they launch a Project Runway-style search for the best Nazi designer.  And now a VK group ...