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Hungary / 29-07-2014

Antisemitic graffiti

Budapest - A day before the pro-Israel rally was held at the main synagogue of Budapest (Dohány street) an unknown perpetrator spray-painted a hanged Star of David.

Hungary / 29-07-2014

Antisemitic graffiti

Budapest -antisemitic graffiti was spray-painted in Fehérvári way.

Finland / 29-07-2014

Finland Times prints antisemitic conspiracies

Helsinki - Apparently, the publishers of the Finland Times are not friendly with the Israeli government. Editors have published an editorial, which claims that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu assigned Mossad (Israeli secret ...

Britain / 29-07-2014

Rabbi of Gateshead beaten by 4 teens in antisemitic attack

Gateshead  - A rabbi was hospitalized after being beaten by four teens in an unprovoked antisemitic attack, police in the United Kingdom said.    Gateshead Police said that they have charged the four teenagers ...

Hungary / 29-07-2014

Smoke bomb was thrown at pro-Israel rally participants

Budapest - A crowd of around 5.000 held pro-Israel rally in Budapest. From a house, facing the rally an unknown person throw a smoke bomb at the rally participants. There also were ...

Spain / 29-07-2014

Antisemitic article published in Spain

Madrid - The Jewish community in Madrid said it would take legal measures against a well-known writer who used the Israeli operation in Gaza to justify the historic expulsion of Jews from Spain, ...

Britain / 28-07-2014

Swastikas sprayed on homes of Jews

Stamford hill, London - Residents of the Stamford Hill neighborhood who live on Upper Clapton Street, have discovered that two houses resided by Jews had been sprayed with swastikas.

Italy / 28-07-2014

Rome’s historic Jewish quarter defaced, vandalized with swastikas and vile Jew-hating poster

Rome - Antisemitic graffiti and flyers have defaced shops and walls in Rome’s historical Jewish San Giovanni neighbourhood raising fears of a rise in anti-Jewish sentiment in the capital.  Swastika graffiti and posters ...

United States / 28-07-2014

Antisemitic vandalism found at South Florida synagogue

Miami Beach - More antisemitic messages were found Monday in South Florida, this time at a synagogue.  Neighborhood watch volunteers found swastikas and the word "Hamas" spray painted in red outside the doors ...

United States / 28-07-2014

Miami Beach cars vandalized with antisemitic messages

Miami Beach - A Miami Beach home was the target of hate. One car egged in multiple places and another damaged by cream cheese, with the words "Jew" and "Hamas" smeared on ...

Turkey / 27-07-2014

Eggs hurled at synagogue

Ortaköy, Istanbul – During an anti-Israeli demonstration that took place in the Ortaköy neighborhood in Istanbul, demonstrators hurled eggs at the ancient synagogue “Etz‑HaChaim”.

France / 27-07-2014

Toulouse Jewish center firebombed after anti-Israel protest in area

Toulouse - Police in Toulouse arrested a man who hurled three firebombs at a Jewish community center and the officers guarding it.   The incident happened Saturday, one hour after the conclusion of a demonstration ...

Belgium / 27-07-2014

Antisemitic column

Antisemitic column,"Israel: The last antisemitic state"( Israël: de laatste antisemitische staat) was published in one of the most popular Belgian magazines, knack.  Among other things, the author, Yassine Channouf, argues that "the notion that ...

United States / 27-07-2014

Boston Muslim: Jews “better learn how to swim,” Moses isn’t coming

Boston - In footage obtained by TruthRevolt, an Islamist at a Boston rally made deeply disturbing remarks about Israel and Jews.  The man, wearing a kaffiya and a “Palestine” shirt, begins by referring to pro-Israel ...

Netherlands / 27-07-2014

"Death to the Jews!" at The Hague

The Hague - Apparently from Thursday at The Hague, Netherlands. Here are some interesting parts:   At 1:35, a person shouts  "Those who do not jump are Jews!" followed by ten seconds of Muslims jumping ...

Britain / 27-07-2014

Antisemitic attacks scar British cities

Britain’s Jews are suffering an antisemitic backlash against Israel’s military action in Gaza with attacks, bomb threats, bricks thrown at a synagogue and “Hitler was right” banners.  About 100 hate incidents have been ...

France / 27-07-2014

Thousands protest Gaza operation in Paris, some with Nazi-like 'quenelle' salute

Paris - Several thousand gathered in Place de la République in Paris, France to protest the Israeli operation in the Gaza Strip on Saturday, defying a state ban on the demonstration.  Protesters chanted "Israel is ...

Canada / 27-07-2014

woman with Israeli flag shoved to the ground at pro-Palestinian rally

Montreal - A woman holding an Israeli flag was briefly shoved to the ground at a pro-Palestinian rally in Jarry Park on Shabbos afternoon after a man tried to yank the flag ...

Spain / 27-07-2014

Antisemitic graffiti

Tarragona - antisemitic graffiti was spray-painted at the medieval cathedral in Tarragona.

Germany / 26-07-2014

Inscription on a synagogue

Barmen – Unknown persons sprayed the inscription “Free Palestine” on the synagogue in town.

United States / 25-07-2014

Antisemitic message appears near Clarksville Burned Cross

Clarksville, Tenn. - Just days after a possible hate crime was discovered at a Clarksville church, more vandalism was found not far away.    The same investigator is also looking into an incident ...

Germany / 24-07-2014

Holocaust memorial monument vandalized

Herne – The holocaust memorial monument at the Willi Pohlmann square has once again been vandalized. Thursday night, an unknown person broke the fence and ruined the oculars with the names of the Herne Holocaust ...

Argentina / 24-07-2014

Antisemitic flags

Rio Quarto, Cordoba - The city of Rio quarto, in the province of Cordoba was witness to what is going on these days in the Middle East. In the city’s central square there ...

Czech / 24-07-2014

Antisemitic graffiti

Prague – Perpetrates draw hateful graffiti on the wall of the New Jewish cemetery in Prague (the largest one). 

United States / 24-07-2014

Jewish cemetery vandalized

Auburn, Mass. - 19 headstones were damaged at Worcester Hebrew Cemetery in Auburn.  Some were knocked off foundations, others broken in half and some hit one by one like dominoes. 

South Africa / 24-07-2014

Four Jewish graves vandalised

George - Four graves in the Jewish section of the George Cemetery in York Street were vandalised last week.  Dean Schewitz's grandmother Hilda's headstone was one of three that were pushed over.  The Star ...

Turkey / 24-07-2014

Group of Arabs attack Jew in airport

Istanbul - An "Eda Chareidit" kashrut certifier was attacked in the Istanbul airport earlier this week.  A group of Arabs who saw him gathered round him, cursing and blocking his way.   A Turkish ...

Austria / 24-07-2014

Maccabi Haifa players attacked during Austria training match

Anti-Israel protesters invaded the pitch and physically confronted Maccabi Haifa players towards the end of a Wednesday training match in Austria. Officials called time on the match against French club Lille at ...

Canada / 24-07-2014

Antisemitic graffiti found on bus shelter

Thornhill - A metre-tall swastika was painted in white spray paint along with a message reading "Fuck Israel," on a bus shelter on Atkinson Avenue near Bathurst Street in Thornhill sometime between ...

Canada / 24-07-2014

French tourist says he was attacked because he's Jewish

Montreal - Montreal police say they're investigating an incident in Snowdon on Monday an alleged attack victim calls a hate crime.  It's believed to be connected to the on-going violence in Gaza.  "I ...

Turkey / 23-07-2014

antisemitic demonstration

Göktürk, Istanbul – During the past several nights, demonstrations of antisemitic nature took place in the Göktürk neighborhood in Istanbul, where many of the Jewish community live. The demonstrators shouted, inter ...

Colombia / 23-07-2014

Synagogue desecrated

Medellin – Antisemitic blasphemous inscriptions have been sprayed on the Jewish synagogue in Medellin, alluding to the conflict in Gaza.

Belgium / 23-07-2014

‘No Jews allowed’ cafe sign

Saint-Nicolas - A Belgian watchdog on antisemitism complained to the mayor of a suburb of Liege against owners of a cafe whose window display featured a sign that said Jews were not allowed inside. The Belgian ...


Arab media cartoons from Israel's military operation in Gaza - July 2014

Over the past two weeks, newspapers across the Arab and Muslim world have published cartoons with antisemitic caricatures and themes relating to Operation Protective Edge, Israel's military action in Gaza targeting Hamas ...

France / 22-07-2014

Paper band with the inscription “Israel a murderer” discovered on synagogue

Lyon – While in the afternoon a pro-Palestinian demonstration took place in Lyon, a paper band with the inscription “Israel a murderer” was affixed during the night between Thursday and Friday on the ...

France / 22-07-2014

New antisemitic inscription discovered near a school

Orange – On the day after the paper band with the inscription “Death to Jews” that had been affixed at an altitude of 25 meters to two pillars of the Roquemaure Bridge, the ...

United States / 22-07-2014

Antisemitic vandalism discovered at country club

Frontenac, Mo. – Late last week antisemitic vandalism was discovered on the grass of a Frontenac country club.  Chief Tom Becker with the Frontenac Police Department says swastikas and an epithet aimed at ...


Hate on display: Antisemitism in Anti-Israel demonstrations across Europe

Jews attacked. Synagogues targeted. Israel demonized. These patterns of antisemitism were seen at many anti-Israel demonstrations around Europe this past weekend. On Friday, a protestor in Berlin attacked an Israeli man wearing a kippah, ...

Britain / 22-07-2014

Protesting Palestine, targeting Jews

Several examples of antisemitic incidents and other activity in relation to anti-Israel protests have been reported to CST:  Demonstrators on a march through central London assaulted and verbally abused a Jewish woman who ...

Ireland / 22-07-2014

Attacks on Belfast synagogue

Belfast - Police said a window was smashed some time on Friday night or Saturday morning.  A replacement window was then smashed on Saturday afternoon or evening.

Germany / 21-07-2014

Antisemitic post cards in the mail box

Düsseldorf – Jews living in Düsseldorf found such postcards in their mail boxes.  The postcard read as follows:  The Germans shoot goals. The Jews aim at women and children and continue to steal Palestinian land. These Jews should be ...

Hungary / 21-07-2014

Antisemitic inscriptions in the course of kindergarten renovation

In one kindergarten in a rural area, the parents refurbished and renovated the kindergarten on a voluntary basis and one of them wrote on the wall an inscription that read “despicable and coward ...

France / 21-07-2014

The attacks on synagogues are motivated by antisemitic terrorism

The Jewish community in France is shocked and dismayed at the violent attacks that took place Sunday against the synagogues in Garges les Gones and in Sarcelle in the Val-d’Oise. Eight synagogues were ...

Israel / 21-07-2014

Student at Hadassah posted antisemitic drawing on Facebook

Jerusalem – An Arab student at Hadassah College in Jerusalem, who calls herself Rozan Ma Abu Qtaish, placed on her cover photo a drawing of a swastika composed of Israeli soldiers.

Poland / 21-07-2014

Neo-Nazi protesters call to "bring Israeli flags back into the crematoria chimneys"

Warsaw  - Dozens of neo-Nazis demonstrated in Warsaw, Poland on Thursday in front of the Israeli embassy, demanding an end to Operation Protective Edge to protect Israeli civilians from Hamas's rocket fire.   The demonstrators ...

United States / 21-07-2014

Anti-Jewish leaflets found on cars

Chicago - Several vehicles in the Pulaski Park neighborhood on the Northwest Side were targeted with anti-Jewish leaflets, police said.  Six vehicles were discovered with leaflets on Saturday on the 6300 block of ...

Germany / 21-07-2014

Berlin Imam prays for the annihilation of Jews

Berlin - An imam in the German capital, Berlin, recently gave a sermon in which he expressed support for Gaza and called for “the annihilation of Jews”.   The sermon by Sheikh Abu Bilal ...

Belgium / 20-07-2014

Antisemitism and violent incidents in Brussels

Brussels – At the end of the anti-Israeli demonstration that took place on Saturday, July 19th in Brussels, about 200-300 demonstrators carried out many violent acts in the area at around 16:00. The ...

Germany / 20-07-2014

Antisemitic attacks in Göttingen

Göttingen – A pro-Palestinian demonstration escalated this afternoon. The demonstration was announced only on the internet, but managed to recruit hundreds. 500 people took up the call. They carried Palestinian flags, flags with ...

Germany / 20-07-2014

The police have arrested suspects following vandalism of the memorial site at the Buchenwald Concentration Camp

Weimar – Last Friday, the memorial site at the Buchenwald Concentration Camp near Weimar was vandalized, probably for antisemitic motives. According to the police report, seven persons had been roaming the memorial site, ...

Italy / 20-07-2014

Red paint sprayed on the flag of the State of Israel

Milan – Red paint has been sprayed on the Israeli flag that was hoisted at the center of Milan between Dante Street and Cordusio square. The flag was positioned together with the flags ...

Scotland / 20-07-2014

Artists call for Fringe show from Israel to be cancelled

Edinburgh - More than 50 cultural figures, ­including the Scottish national poet, have signed an open letter protesting against a show supported by the Israeli government at this year's Edinburgh Festival ...

France / 20-07-2014

Pro-Palestinian rioters want to "hunt Jews and kill them"

Paris - Fourteen French police officers were wounded and 38 people were arrested at an unauthorized rally to protest Israel’s actions in Gaza.   The clashes in Paris occurred as approximately 3,000 protesters, who ...

Denmark / 20-07-2014

Gaza conflict reaches Denmark's Jews

Following the outbreak of war between Israel and Hamas, Denmark's Jewish community has reported an increase in antisemitic rhetoric and even death threats.  Jews in Denmark have reported an increase in threatening messages since ...

Morocco / 20-07-2014

Suspected antisemitic attacks in Casablanca

Casablanca - Two Jews including a rabbi were assaulted in suspected antisemitic incidents in Casablanca at the weekend.  A man has been detained by police in connection with both incidents thought to be motivated ...

Italy / 19-07-2014

Anti-Israel sign posted on synagogue

Vercelli - Sign posted on synagogue in Vercelli: #stopbombinggaza Israel murderers free Palestine

Turkey / 19-07-2014

Erdogan says Israel more barbaric than Hitler

Ankara - Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan has accused Israel of "barbarism that surpasses Hitler" during its ground invasion of Gaza.  Erdogan made the comment during a campaign speech Saturday in the ...

Malaysia / 19-07-2014

Malaysian ex-mufti: Hitler “might have been right” in exterminating Jews

Former Perlis Mufti Datuk Dr Mohd Asri Zainul Abidin says that Adolph Hitler, in his actions against the Jews, could have just been right.  Asri wrote the article when he was in ...

Germany / 18-07-2014

Antisemitic slogans chanted at Berlin protest against Israel's Gaza operation

Berlin - Antisemitic slogans were chanted on Thursday at an anti-Israel protest in Berlin, held following the attacks in the Gaza Strip. The protesters, who waved Palestinian flags, yelled, "Jews, Jews, cowardly pigs, ...

Turkey / 18-07-2014

“Turkish Jews Will Pay Dearly,” Violent Anti-Jewish Riots in Turkey

Istanbul - As IDF forces entered Gaza on Thursday night in the latest phase of Israel’s ongoing Operation Protective Edge, violent riots broke out around Turkey threatening the local Jewish community and ...

Austria / 18-07-2014

Austrian foreign minister to file complaint over antisemitic speech online

Austria’s foreign minister said he would file police complaints against people who left antisemitic comments on his Facebook page after he called for peace between Israel and Hamas.   “We will submit a statement of facts ...

United States / 17-07-2014

Lowell synagogue hit with pro-Palestinian graffiti

Lowell, MA - Police are investigating pro-Palestine graffiti spray-painted in red on the white marble walls of the Montefiore Orthodox Synagogue in the Highlands this week.  Thursday morning, House Committee Chairman and Maintenance Director ...

Netherlands / 17-07-2014

Home of Netherlands chief rabbi attacked

Amsterdam - A chief rabbi of the Netherlands said unidentified individuals hurled stones at his home in what he said was the second antisemitic attack on him in a week. Rabbi Binyomin Jacobs said the ...

United States / 17-07-2014

Disturbing attacks on Israel at U.S. rallies

ADL has been report­ing daily on the extreme vit­riol that has char­ac­ter­ized many of the anti-Israel ral­lies tak­ing place across the United States since the start of Israel’s mil­i­tary oper­a­tions to thwart Hamas rocket attacks last week.  Here’s a ...

Argentina / 17-07-2014

Swastika spray-painted on Israeli embassy

Buenos Aires - Swastika spray-painted on Israeli embassy during protest.

United States / 17-07-2014

Playground scrawling declares ‘Kill Jews’

Riverdale Bronx, NY - Four swastikas and an antisemitic phrase reading “Kill Jews,” drawn in chalk next to the playground equipment at McLaughlin Playground.   ...

Ukraine / 16-07-2014

Jewish family gravesite vandalized

Kremenchug – The gravesite of Rabbi Nachman’s daughters, located in an old cemetery in an area of former artillery warehouses, was once again attacked by hooligans. The damage was discovered on Monday, July 14th. ...

Argentina / 16-07-2014

Cultural center in Mendoza was a target of antisemitic attack

Mendoza – The DAIA (Representative of the Argentinian Jewish Associations) delivered an announcement to the press in which it reports that swastikas had been painted on the front of the Mendoza Jewish Cultural Center. ...

France / 16-07-2014

Antisemitic attack in the Metro

Paris – The scene took place in the Paris metro. The cry ”Dirty Jews” was hurled towards a father and his children, without anyone intervening, with the utmost indifference. Such type of scene ...

France / 16-07-2014

Antisemitic inscription at store front

Pezenaz – Antisemitic blasphemous inscription was sprayed on the front of a store located at the center of town. The inscription read: “Beat it, dirty Jew” with a swastika.

Belgium / 16-07-2014

"We currently don't sell to Jews"

Antwerp - A Jewish woman from Antwerp says that she was told in one shop "we currently don't sell to Jews, out of protest".The owner of the shop denies the story.  "On ...

United States / 16-07-2014

Swastikas scribbled on mailbox near Jewish fraternity

Ugene, Ore. - Swastikas scribbled all over a mailbox adjacent to a national Jewish fraternity's University of Oregon house is under investigation by local police.  "Not only is it a destruction of property, but ...

Belgium / 16-07-2014

Hospital employee hopes Jews will die

Heusden-Zolder - Figen Erol is an intercultural facilitator at St. Francis hospital in Heusden-Zolder.  But some recent comments she posted online suggest she shouldn't be employed in a position which requires contact with ...

United States / 16-07-2014

Attack of Hasidic Jew by passing vehicle

Eltingville, Staten Island, NY  - A Hasidic Jew was a victim of a bias attack in the neighborhood of Eltingville, Staten Island, Sunday morning, telling cops a group of unidentified men threw ...

Belgium / 16-07-2014

Demonstration features calls to ‘slaughter the Jews’

Antwerp  - Dozens of men at an anti-Israel demonstration in Antwerp shouted slogans about slaughtering Jews.  Approximately 500 people attended Saturday’s protest in the capital of Belgium’s Flemish region, where one of the speakers ...

South Africa / 16-07-2014

ANC official lauds Hitler’s genocide of Jews

Cape Town - The African National Congress, South Africa's ruling party, has come under unprecedented criticism from the country's Jewish community for declining to disown an anti-Semitic Facebook post by one of ...

United States / 16-07-2014

Antisemitic Graffiti Hits Borough Park

Borough Park, Brooklyn, NY - Three men were arrested Monday night by the NYPD Hate Crime Task Force for vandalizing a Yeshiva property and a nearby house in the Jewish neighborhood of Borough ...

Turkey / 16-07-2014

Turkey's Erdogan compares Ayelet Shaked to Hitler

Ankara - Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan has compared Habayit Hayehudi lawmaker Ayelet Shaked to Adolf Hitler and accused Israel of committing "state terror" against the Palestinians.   The Knesset member earlier this month ...

Ukraine / 15-07-2014

Grave of Volodymyr Volynsky Ghetto prisoners desecrated

Pyatydni – A criminal case has been filed in Ukraine regarding the desecration of mass graves of the Nazi victims, located near the village of Pyatydni. In these mass graves about 25,000 people ...

Germany / 15-07-2014

The Bielefeld police are investigating damage caused to a memorial monument at the synagogue

Detmold - The Internal Security Department is investigating the damage since it is feared that this was a politically motivated act. The police are looking for witnesses. Between Friday, July 11, 2014 at ...

Germany / 15-07-2014

Synagogue window smashed

Gelsenkirchen - Around 01:30 on the night between Sunday and Monday, unknown persons broke a window of a synagogue located in Georgstraße in Gelsenkirchen, using a manhole cover that they had lifted nearby. ...

France / 14-07-2014

Swastika at Synagogue front

Schoelcher, Martinique - On Sunday a new swastika was found at the entrance to the synagogue in Schoelcher. This is the fifth time in less than two weeks that unknown persons have drawn ...

Germany / 14-07-2014

Synagogue desecrated

Baumweg, Frankfurt – The inscription “Fuck Juden” has been sprayed on the stone fence of the synagogue.


New trend on Twitter: Hitler was right

In recent days, “Protective Edge” operation has stirred up the social networks on the left and on the right as well as on the Palestinian side. The hate groups and the inciting calls ...

Yemen / 14-07-2014

Severe attack against an ultra-orthodox Jew

Rada’a – a serious attack has occurred in the city of Rada’a in Yemen, against Joseph Ben Mazal, head of one of the few ultra-orthodox Jewish families which have remained in Yemen.  The Muslims who ...


“Protective Edge”: demonstrations against Israel around the world

Operation “Protective Edge” continues to make headlines around the world. The Israeli operation in Gaza is being covered by international media channels from Afghanistan to North America. Following the news, many demonstrations denouncing ...

Britain / 14-07-2014

Swastika daubed on Hendon house

Hendon, London - Vandals have painted antisemitic graffiti on a Jewish home in Hendon.  An image of a swastika was daubed above the front door of a property on Sunday night.

Belgium / 14-07-2014

Threats against Jews in anti-Israel protest

Antwerp - An anti-Israel protest attended by local politicians degenerated into shouts of "Khaybar, Khaybar, ya Yahud, Jaish Muhammad's Yaoud" (Oh Jews, remember Khaybar, the army of Mohammed is returning").  Belgian media ignored this ...

The Palestinian authority / 14-07-2014

Hamas summer camps: fun, guns and antisemitism

Children around the world have begun their summer vacation this week; many will attend camps, experiencing the riches of life summer can offer. They will play, do arts and crafts or go to ...

Australia / 14-07-2014

Antisemitism at Sydney rally

Sydney - The rally in support of Gaza was held outside Sydney’s Town Hall, in the plaza. On the majestic steps and podium, and in the crowd, dozens of the black jihadist Shehada flags ...

United States / 14-07-2014

Antisemitic hatefest in downtown Seattle

Seattle  - A large anti-Israel rally took place in Seattle’s Westlake Center this Saturday, July 12. Protesters screamed anti-Israel slogans calling for the destruction of the Jewish state while waving signs and marching ...

France / 13-07-2014

Anti-Israel demonstration turns into mob attack on Paris synagogue, trapping worshipers inside

Paris - Dozens of young men protesting Israel’s actions in Gaza briefly besieged a Paris synagogue and clashed with security.   At least three Jews were taken to the hospital as a result of the ...

The Palestinian authority / 13-07-2014

Athletics site broken in and the home page replaced with anti-Israeli and antisemitic slogans

Four days prior to the Israeli athletics championship, the site has been broken into by hackers. Upon entering the site the inscription “FUCK YOU ISRAEL” appears in large letters, with the S in ...

Morocco / 13-07-2014

Moroccan Jewish community’s Rabbi badly beaten in antisemitic attack

Casablanca - The rabbi of the Jewish community in Casablanca, Morocco, Rabbi Moshe Ohayon, claims he was badly beaten on Friday as a retaliation by locals for Israel’s airstrikes in Gaza.  According to ...

United States / 13-07-2014

Hamas demo: genocidal chants against the Jews

New-York - Last Wednesday a pro-Israel rally took place in front of Israeli Consulate in New York City. Across the street raged an ugly, hate-filled pro-”Palestinian” rally, at which — as you ...

United States / 13-07-2014

antisemitic banner flown above Brighton Beach and Coney Island

New-York - New Yorkers enjoying the sunny weather in Brighton Beach and Coney Island on Saturday got a nasty airborne surprise — a plane towing a banner bearing a swastika-themed message.  The streamer ...

France / 13-07-2014

Molotov cocktail hurled at French synagogue

Aulnay-sous-Bois - Unknown assailants hurled a Molotov cocktail at a synagogue in a Parisian suburb Friday overnight. No one was hurt in the attack and minimal damage was caused.  The attack took place in Aulnay-sous-Bois, ...

Australia / 13-07-2014

Jew wearing IDF shirt assaulted in Melbourne

Melbourne - A Melbourne man wearing an IDF T-shirt said two Arabic-speaking men assaulted him on the street.  Zachary Gomo told JTA he was walking to a shop around 10 P.M. in ...

Germany / 11-07-2014

Antisemitic slanderous inscriptions on synagogue

Dresden - The front of the synagogue facing the tram tracks has been covered with about 10 meters-size graffiti: “Stop killing people”. The police are looking for witnesses.  The center for the prevention of crime ...

Turkey / 11-07-2014

Turkish pop singer posts antisemitic tweets praising Hitler

Istanbul - Yildiz Tilbe, who has been making folk-influenced hit albums since the 1990s, praised Hitler in the tweets and said the end of "the Jews" was near.    "If God allows, it will be ...

France / 11-07-2014

Jewish teenage girl pepper sprayed

Paris - A 17 year-old Jewish girl was attacked Tuesday at Paris’ Place du Colonel-Fabien square.  The victim said in a statement that the attacker grabbed her by the jaw and sprayed pepper ...

Russia / 10-07-2014

Putin praises Goebbels at meeting with Jewish leaders

Moscow - Russian President Vladimir Putin allegedly praised Nazi propaganda minister Joseph Goebbels during a meeting with Jewish religious leaders in Moscow, Pravda reported on Wednesday.  While the Russian leader reportedly denounced Nazism ...

Germany / 09-07-2014

Antisemitic inscriptions on educational institution named after Anne Frank

Frankfurt – Unknown persons have sprayed antisemitic and neo-Nazi slogans near the entrance door to the educational institution named after Anne Frank.  The inscriptions “Heil Hitler”, “The Russian is a Jew”, and “88”, which ...

Germany / 09-07-2014

Elderly man attacked for wearing Star of David hat

Berlin-Tiergarten - A 67-year old man was attacked yesterday in Berlin by two men.  The men accosted the victim, who was sitting with a friend on a park bench, and started arguing ...

South Africa / 08-07-2014

Antisemitic graffiti

Cape Town - Antisemitic graffiti found on residential wall opposite Ohr Somayach Shul on High Level Road, Sea Point, Cape Town.

The Palestinian authority / 08-07-2014

Antisemitic cartoon during event in the Palestinian embassy

These are the pictures of the event held in the Palestinian embassy in Italy on July 6   Please note this anti semitic picture....

France / 07-07-2014

Socialist politician gets upset - "You prefer to get fucked by a Jew?"

Vaulx-en-Velin – Ahmed Chekhab is a Socialist politician. He's the deputy mayor of Vaulx-en-Velin in charge of sports.   When he recently got upset at Majid Diri, the president of a local sports club, he ...

Italy / 07-07-2014

Antisemitic graffiti on the bridge above the river Foglia

Vallefoglia – Antisemitic inscriptions have appeared on the side rails of the bridge above the path connecting Pian del Bruscolo and Bottega. Following many messages to the local administration, the inscriptions were erased by ...

Sweden / 07-07-2014

Man beaten with iron for flying Israeli flag

Malmö - A man in Seved, Malmö, was attacked on Sunday in what police suspected was a hate crime.   The incident occurred shortly before midnight on Sunday when the man displayed an Israeli flag ...

Canada / 07-07-2014

A Palestinian mob was taped beating Jews

Toronto - A Palestinian mob was taped beating Jews with both Palestine flags and Canadian flags.

Germany / 06-07-2014

Stepping stones vandalized

Wismar – In the evening hours, unknown persons poured cement on eight stepping stones in the streets of Wismar. The municipality workers managed to clean six of them, since the cement had not ...

Germany / 06-07-2014

Pro-Israel activists attacked

Wuppertal – Antisemitic attack at Wuppertal University. Five men attacked a group of activists identified with leftist organizations, probably for antisemitic and/or anti-Israeli motives. The attack may have been planned in advance.  The attack started with ...

Netherlands / 06-07-2014

Islamists at Hague shouting antisemitic slogans

The Hague - Antisemitic chants were heard during a Islamic demonstration .   The main point of the rally was to release some Muslim prisoners, but it also included "Khaybar, Khaybar, O Jews, the Army of ...


Lib Dems say sorry over anti-Israel post

The Liberal Democrat Party has apologised after its Friends of Palestine group again posted antisemitic material on Facebook.  The group linked to a piece by antisemitic Israeli musician Gilad Atzmon which claimed "the ...

The Palestinian authority / 06-07-2014

Op-ed accuses Jews of ritual slaughter of Arab youth

Al Resalah, a Palestinian Arab newspaper aligned with Hamas, has an op-ed by Wissam Afifah saying that Jews killed Mohammed Abu Khdeir as part of a Jewish ritual.  He says that the murder ...

Iran / 06-07-2014

Iran state media airs antisemitic interviews, broadcasts for start of Ramadan

In the lead up to the start of the month-long Mus­lim hol­i­day Ramadan, which is often char­ac­ter­ized with high tele­vi­sion view­er­ship fol­low­ing the break of the day’s fast, Iran’s broad­cast­ing author­ity, Islamic ...

Israel / 04-07-2014

Vandals paint swastikas on road to Western Wall

Jerusalem - Dozens of swastikas were spray-painted alongside the road to the Western Wall in Jerusalem in the past few days.

France / 04-07-2014

Dieudonne mocks Ilan Halimi, Holocaust in new show

Months after his comedy tour was banned for its antisemitism, comedian Dieudonne M’bala M’bala launched a new show that mocks the Holocaust and Jewish murder victims.   Dieudonne, who has multiple convictions for inciting racial ...

Israel / 04-07-2014

Antisemitic slurs scrawled on bus stop, signs

Rahat - A swastika and "Death to the Jews" was scrawled in Hebrew on bus stop at the entrance to Beduin city of Rahat in the South.

Poland / 04-07-2014

Antisemitic graffiti at synagogue

Leczna - Vulgar antisemitic graffiti was sprayed at synagogue on Leczna.

United States / 03-07-2014

A concentration camp poster for your home, on sale at Walmart

Walmart are selling a poster with an image of the gate of one of the Holocaust’s most notorious concentration camps - Dachau.   The description reads “Gate with inscription Arbeit Macht Frei, Dachau Concentration Camp, Dachau” ...

Germany / 02-07-2014

Memorial site in a concentration camp vandalized

Ellrich-Juliushütte – Unknown persons vandalized the memorial site at the Ellrich-Juliushütte concentration camp in the Nordhausen district. The memorial site spokesperson, Mittelbau Dora, announced on Tuesday that the memorial panels had been sprayed ...

United States / 02-07-2014

Nashville Jewelers media battle turns racial

Nashville, Tennessee - A bitter rivalry between jewelry stores in Nashville, Tennessee has taken a turn for the worse with the accusation that the employees of one have used anti-semitic language and ...

United States / 01-07-2014

Deputy sheriff files lawsuit alleging antisemitism on the job

Clackamas, Oregon - A deputy sheriff in Oregon filed a federal lawsuit alleging that he faced antisemitic comments in person and on Facebook posts. Rich Sneath, a Jewish corrections deputy at the Clackamas County Jail, ...