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Austria / 26-05-2015

Israeli flag 'hurts people's feelings' - man told to either take it down, or move out

Vienna - A man living in the Jewish district of Vienna hung up an Israeli flag which he got at the Nadav Guedj Eurovision concert.  He was told by the administrator of the building ...

Spain / 25-05-2015

Achinoam Nini concert suspended due to pro-Palestinian rioting.

Logorno - The singer's performance was suspended for many minutes after several members of the audience waved Palestinian flags and began chanting anti-Israel slogans.  At the start of the show, around ten members of the ...

Britain / 25-05-2015

Ex-UKIP candidate says the party has been ‘taken over by Jewish interests’

A former Ukip candidate who was suspended by the party just before the election has claimed ‘Jewish interest groups’ have taken over the party.    Footage of Jack Sen launching an antisemitic attack ...

Poland / 25-05-2015

Photos with antiemitic themes

Kostrzyn - at photo department in a store belonging to the French "Do it yourself" branch Bricomarché in Kostrzyn, offered for sale a portrait of the Jew, counting \ looking at coins. ...

Netherlands / 24-05-2015

Dutch restaurant says it erased Israel from map for culinary reasons

Rotterdam - Dutch restaurant owners cited their gastronomical focus in explaining why they had replaced Israel with Palestine in a map of the Middle East they had printed.  The owners of Le Souq, ...

Germany / 23-05-2015

Two men urinate on the Berlin Holocaust Memorial

Berlin - During the early hours of Tuesday morning the Police arrested two men after they urinated on the Holocaust Memorial in Berlin. According to the Police, the two men aged 21 ...

Turkey / 23-05-2015

Turkish mall scraps plans for Jewish, Christian prayer rooms after ‘attacks’

Inegol - A recently opened furniture mall in western Turkey scrapped plans to open separate prayer rooms for Jews and Christians over a series of “intolerant attacks,” Turkey’s Hurriyet newspaper reported on Friday.    Haluk ...

France / 22-05-2015

An investigation has begun following a post uploaded on Facebook by Alain Soral against the Klarsfelds

A new act of anti-Semitism? AFP learned on Thursday from a legal source that the  Prosecutor in Paris had begun an initial investigation regarding a message sent by the extreme right-wing author Alain ...

France / 22-05-2015

Apartment burned down - apparently antisemitic act

Moulins, Lille - Fire destroyed an apartment on the ground floor of a residential building (HLM) in Thumesnil street, Moulins. Firefighters had extinguished the fire.  David Boucherie, a 50 year old painter, is the ...

Britain / 22-05-2015

Israel erased from BBC website list of states which have advanced to the Eurovision Final

In an article on the semifinal which was published on the British Broadcasting Corporation's website, a list was published of the ten states which advanced from the semifinal that took place yesterday: Lithuania, Poland, ...

Egypt / 22-05-2015

What happens when an Egyptian walks around Cairo dressed as a Jew?

Cairo - An Egyptian journalist conducted an experiment in which he dressed up as a Jew and asked passersby on the streets of Cairo for directions to a nearby synagogue - with nearly ...

United States / 21-05-2015

Pork placed on Holocaust memorial

Lynn, Mass. - People are shocked and saddened after a memorial was desecrated in Lynn, and some are saying it was a hate crime.   Several large pieces of pork were left in ...

Russia / 20-05-2015

Holiday Inn, Hilton hotels allegedly caught selling antisemitic items

Moscow - Legal action is being urged after a number of Moscow hotels, namely Holiday Inn and Hilton, were allegedly caught selling antisemitic and Nazi-themed items in its gift shop.  In a letter ...

United States / 20-05-2015

Antisemitic graffiti

Borough Park, Brooklyn , NY - Vandals drew four swastikas on a guardrail at 18th Avenue and 49th Street in Borough Park.

South Africa / 19-05-2015

Antisemitic sticker

Cape Town  - A Jewish girl returned to her car after parking it at the V&A Waterfront Mall in Cape Town to find a swastika sticker stuck on her rear bumper

Egypt / 19-05-2015

Egyptian professor of Judaism describes how Jews drank Christian blood

Cairo - Dr. Sami Al-Emam, professor of Judaism and an "expert" of Zionist ideology at Egypt's Al Azhar University, spoke to Jordan's Dostor newspaper about - what else - how evil Jews are.  He says ...

United States / 19-05-2015

UC Riverside course raises antisemitism concerns

Riverside, CA - University of California, Riverside (UCR) is offering a course that meets the U.S. State Department’s definition of antisemitism. Demand the school cancels it!   An independent analysis has confirmed the greatest fears of ...

Finland / 19-05-2015

Finland boycotts Jewish National Fund

Helsinki - Israeli-Finnish relations are reported to be strained after Finland prevented the Jewish National Fund from participating in the exhibition of non-governmental organisations held annually in the capital, Helsinki, nrg reported.  nrg pointed out ...


Yahoo’s alleged antisemitic comment

Roseann Bella Gomez  posted in Facebook Yahoo's response to her assistance request which was sent in regard of her e-mail account. Yahoo's response, allegedly, was: Fuck Jews!!.  All her attempts to receive a ...

France / 18-05-2015

Violent antisemitic attack

Paris - A Jewish youth was violently attacked in Paris on Friday afternoon just days following a similar attack on a Jewish woman and two weeks after 40 men assaulted two Jewish ...

Czech / 18-05-2015

Holocaust memorial vandalized by children

Brno - Four children aged 10-12 spent the afternoon vandalizing the Holocaust memorial in Brno.  The kids used slingshots and small stones, leaving the memorial with many small holes.  

France / 17-05-2015

Woman suffers a severe antisemitic attack

Sarcelles, Paris - A severe antisemitic attack occurred Yesterday, Wednesday May 13, in Guyemer square in Sarcelles. A woman, who was in the square with her son, was severely beaten by three ...

Canada / 17-05-2015

Beach residents decry ‘offensive’ newsletter

East York, Toronto- Some residents in the Beaches-East York community were shocked this week when what they describe as an antisemitic newsletter landed in their mailboxes.  Your Ward News, a low-budget local publication, has ...

United States / 17-05-2015

Antisemitic attacks spark community to hire off-duty cops

Chicago — Members of the Jewish community in West Rogers Park are taking security into their own hands after a series of antisemitic incidents in their neighborhood.    Residents are kicking-in $25 each to ...

Venezuela / 17-05-2015

Antisemitic propaganda campaign on TV

The Simon Wiesenthal Center sharply criticized HispanTV channel, the Iranian news service in Spanish, and the Venezuelan television network Telesur, after both of them reported that "Israel used humanitarian aid to Nepal in order to ...

Germany / 16-05-2015

Cemetery desecrated

Herford - A swastika was discovered at the Jewish cemetery in Herford, as well as hateful text at the cemetery entrance.

Greece / 16-05-2015

Greek town demands Star of David removed from Holocaust memorial

Kavala - Jewish groups reported that authorities in the Greek port of Kavala want the Star of David to be removed from a Holocaust memorial or they will not permit its display.  The ...

United States / 16-05-2015

Jewish Drexel student finds swastika next to Israeli flag

Philadelphia, PA - A Jewish student at Drexel discovered a swastika and the word “Jew” written near an Israeli flag displayed outside his dorm room earlier this week.  Drexel police were immediately contacted, ...

Germany / 15-05-2015

Antisemitic graffiti on public buildings

Nagold - Unknown vandals had sprayed the inscription  "Jews’ nest in Swabia (Judennest Schwaben)” between Tuesday night and Wednesday morning on the wall surrounding kindergarten  in Hohen street.

France / 15-05-2015

Jewish woman assaulted by 3 men

Sarcelles, Paris - A French Jewish woman was assaulted by three men in an apparent antisemitic attack in the Paris suburb Sarcelles last Wednesday, the Algemeiner has learned.  The three assailants were of African origin and shouted ...

Turkey / 15-05-2015

Businessman claims Jews the reason for bird flu epidemic

Bandirma - İhsan Turgut , a Turkish Islamist businessman in Bandirma, former head of a local trade association, accused Jews, Israel (and England) of causing the recent bird flu epidemic in the ...

Netherlands / 15-05-2015

Antisemitic graffiti

Oosterhout - Four houses in Van Someren-Downerlaan, Oosterhout were vandalized with graffiti saying "Pay, Jew".     

Canada / 15-05-2015

Khalif Mitchell, Alouettes lineman, fined for antisemitic tweets

Montreal - Defensive lineman Khalif Mitchell has been fined undisclosed amounts by the Canadian Football League and the Montreal Alouettes for inappropriate posts on Twitter, including a link to a Holocaust-denial video.  CFL commissioner Jeffrey Orridge ...

United States / 14-05-2015

Protesters arrested for storming synagogue in protest of IDF

Westport, CT - Two men from New Haven, Connecticut were arrested on Tuesday after storming a Westport synagogue hosting a delegation of the Israel Defense Forces.  Gregory Williams, a student at Yale University's Divinity School, ...

Turkey / 14-05-2015

Pro-government papers claim opposition is influenced by Jewish/Zionist foundation

Various Turkish pro-Islamist and pro-government papers attacked the co-leader of the rising HDP party, Selahattin Demirtas, saying he's influenced by the Jewish and Zionist Moshe Dayan Foundation. The example above is from the Milli Gazete, a ...

United States / 14-05-2015

Democratic operative caught on tape in antisemitic rant

Kentucky - A Democratic campaign consultant went on antisemitic tirade aimed at his client, Daniel Grossberg, a Democratic candidate for state treasurer in Kentucky.  In audio published by Page One Kentucky, Jacob Conway, Grossberg’s campaign ...

France / 13-05-2015

Jewish graves were desecrated in the cemetery of Lille-Sud

Lille-Sud – the Jewish section of Lille-Sud’s  cemetery was desecrated in Monday; This was reported by the police headquarters in the northern province on Wednesday.  In total, eight graves were desecrated, but ...

Poland / 12-05-2015

Mezuzah had been ripped off

Tarnowie – A Mezuzah on the doorpost of the AntySchematy 2  foundation’s offices had been ripped off.

Austria / 12-05-2015

Antisemitic vandalism

Vienna – one or more offenders vandalized on the night of May 2 the showroom of the Sigmund Freud Museum in Wiener Berggasse Lane.  The venue had shortly before displayed the work of ...

United States / 12-05-2015

Swastikas carved into sidewalk in front of Brooklyn kosher store

Brooklyn - The NYPD Hate Crimes Task Force is investigating a swastika and hate slurs in the Midwood section of Brooklyn, Monday evening.  An employee at the supermarket found the swastika and ...

Netherlands / 12-05-2015

Antisemitism at anti-racism protest

Amsterdam - This past Sunday there was an anti-racism protest for the 'right to free speech'.  The protest was organized by Abulkasim Al Jaberi, who was arrested in a previous anti-racism protest ...

France / 11-05-2015

Antisemitic assault in front of French soldiers near a synagogue in Paris

PARIS - It seems that the level of antisemitism in France does not decrease; The Jewish community had once again fallen victim to Islamic intolerance, quickly growing in this country which has significant ...

Netherlands / 11-05-2015

Rapper says Holocaust is a lie

Dutch rapper Rachid El Ghazaoui, AKA 'Appa', announced on his Twitter account that the Holocaust, which he refers to as 'holocoast', is a lie.   Next week Appa will speak at an anti-racism protest organized ...

Poland / 11-05-2015

Vandalism destroys monument to Polish Jewish community killed in Holocaust

Rajgrod - An act of vandalism destroyed a monument commemorating a Polish Jewish community.  Police are investigating last week’s incident at the Jewish cemetery in Rajgrod, a town of some 1,7000 in northeastern ...

Austria / 10-05-2015

Hackers attack on the memorial webpage of Mauthausen concentration camp

Two days before the liberation celebration in the former concentration camp Mauthausen, hackers attacked the memorial page of the Mauthausen concentration camp.  The hackers removed the contents of the page and replaced it with ...

Chile / 10-05-2015

President of football club blames that “Jews’ power” led to the demotion of his team to a lower league

Calama - president of football club Cobreloa (Comisión de Fútbol de Cobreloa), Sebastían Vivaldi, stated on Facebook that the verdict has been determined in advance.   He sharply criticized the conduct of the judges of ANFP’s ...

Belgium / 10-05-2015

Antisemitic threats against MP

Brussels – A Member of Parliament from Brussels, Viviane Teitelbaum, has received antisemitic threats to her mailbox. She filed a complaint immediately.   "I'm really not afraid, I react with great clarity. It's not the kind ...

United States / 10-05-2015

Yungerman walking home from Shul pepper sprayed in random attack

Lakewood, N.J. - In another incident over Shabbos, a Yungerman walking home from Shul Friday night was pepper sprayed in what appears to be a random attack.  The man was walking home from ...

United States / 09-05-2015

Antisemitic graffiti

Staten Island, N.Y. - Two North Shore teens scrawled swastikas and antisemitic and racial epithets on railings and walls last week at the Eltingville station of the Staten Island Railway, allege prosecutors.  Michael ...

Denmark / 09-05-2015

Buses torched, vandalized with anti-Israel graffiti

Copenhagen - Danish police are investigating an incident in which four city buses were destroyed in a pre-dawn fire and a fifth was vandalized with anti-Israel graffiti at a bus depot in ...

United States / 08-05-2015

Mezuza desecrated

Houston, Texas - A Jewish family in Houston, Texas found this on their door. Somebody took the mezuzah off the door, took out the scroll inside, drew a swastika on it and ...

Britain / 08-05-2015

antisemitic graffiti

Wooburn Green - Racist graffiti was daubed across garages in Wooburn Green.    At some point during the night between April 30 and May 1, antisemitic and anti-Muslim words and Nazi symbols were painted ...

Netherlands / 07-05-2015

Groningen players and fans sang "Whoever does not jump is a Jew" and will be investigated

Groningen - on Sunday Groningen won the game against Zwolle 2: 0  and won the Dutch Cup. 24 hours later, the players arrived to celebrate the big win with the fans. They celebrated on ...

Netherlands / 07-05-2015

FC Groningen fans and team break into antisemitic song

Groningen - The Public Prosecutor is investigating the singing of FC Groningen fans during the celebration ceremony for winning the KNVB Cup in the Stadspark on Wednesday night.According to NU, supporters ...

France / 07-05-2015

Office vandalized with antisemitic graffiti

Denain - The office of Djemi Drici, a municipal councillor in Denain (northern France), was vandalized Tuesday night.  The place was trashed and vandalized and equipment was stolen.   The vandals left graffiti all over ...

Britain / 07-05-2015

Antisemitic graffiti

St. Ives - St. Ives police are appealing for information after antisemitic graffiti was spotted on a road in town.    A Swastika, the symbol used by the Nazi Party, was found sprayed on Steeple Lane ...

Hungary / 06-05-2015

Antisemitic graffiti

Budapest - graffiti inscriptions that include the Star of David were painted in several locations in one of the underground stations in Budapest.

United States / 06-05-2015

Montgomery County school board candidate accused of making racist and antisemitic comments

Montgomery County, Pa. - A Montgomery County candidate for school board is coming under fire accused of making racist and antisemitic comments on social media.   Now, some voters are asking if he should ...

United States / 06-05-2015

Anti-Israel, Antisemitic, Racist Flier

Upper Marlboro, MD - The antisemitic flyer supported liberal Donna Edwards for US Senator and claimed Israel was an “apartheid state.”  Last night at a public hearing on the budget in Prince ...

Greece / 05-05-2015

Bishop’s new Jew-hating rant

Translated from Greek by  Piraeus - The Greek Bishop Seraphim of Piraeus published on April the 16th an article of over 2.200 words, in which he slams the Greek channel Skai for broadcasting ...

South Africa / 05-05-2015

Five S. African universities join anti-Israel boycott

The student councils of five South African universities decided Monday to join an academic boycott of what they refer to as "Apartheid Israel," and said they will be pressuring their institutions to implement ...

United States / 04-05-2015

Teens accused of throwing eggs in Hasidic community

New Square, NY  - A group of four Clarkstown teens got more than they bargained for after an early morning egg throwing spree in New Square as local residents surrounded their vehicle, preventing ...

Australia / 04-05-2015

Australian lecturer supports antisemitic speech

Sydney - Yarran Hominh, an instructor at the University of Sydney, has stated that he believes ISIS supporters at his university should be allowed to "express their anti-Semitism." Hominh made the comment while ...

Denmark / 04-05-2015

Antisemetic vandalism of Copenhagen church

Copenhagen - Anna Church in the Copenhagen district of Nørrebro was vandalized Sunday in an apparent act of antisemitism.  Anna Church hosted Bent Melchior, Denmark’s former chief rabbi, for a Sunday talk related to the ...

United States / 04-05-2015

Hasidic Jew sues Collier sheriff's office for discrimination

Fort Myers, Fla. - An employee is suing the Collier County Sheriff's Office, claiming he faced workplace discrimination as a Hasidic Jew.  Benjamin Newmark filed the lawsuit Monday in federal court in ...

France / 03-05-2015

Ilam Halimi plaque vandalized

Bagneux - A plaque commemorating the 2006 murder of a young Jew by a gang of thugs was founded broken in a Paris suburb."It's outrageous, unacceptable, I am extremely shocked," said the mayor of ...

United States / 03-05-2015

Antisemitic graffiti

Brooklyn, NY - Antisemitic graffiti discovered at the Mir Yeshiva in the Flatbush section of Brooklyn.    The hate graffiti was discovered by a security guard at around 1:15pm on Saturday, Police said. The ...

Algeria / 03-05-2015

Arabs suspicious that soccer star giving new son a "Jewish name"

What happens when you mix a culture that is crazy about soccer with one that is certifiably insane about Jews?  From Metro-UK: It’s official: there will be another Messi arriving on the planet very soon. Lionel ...

Turkey / 02-05-2015

Islamist paper accuses Israel of kidnapping Nepalese kids for their organs

Ankara - Yeni Akit is an extreme Islamist newspaper with close ties to president Erdogan.  Following the earthquake in Nepal, a recent article 'reported' that Israeli spies have been trying to kidnap Nepalese orphans to ...

France / 02-05-2015

Two Jewish residents of Paris assaulted by mob

Paris - Two Jewish residents of Paris were assaulted on the street Friday by a gang of about 40 people, prompting police to warn Jewish business owners in the neighborhood to be ...

Turkey / 02-05-2015

Antisemitic graffiti

Istanbul - Antisemitic graffiti is becoming commonplace in Istanbul’s Gaziosmanpaşa neighborhood.  Slogans such as “no pigs and Jews allowed,” “no parking for pigs and Jews,” and “free Jerusalem, death to Jewish murderers,” were ...