France / 16-12-2014

Antisemitox : alleged medicine expected to create media buzz against antisemitism

Source: metronews

"You can finally be cured of antisemitism," boasts a smiling doctor on the poster presenting Antisemitox. Starting Tuesday, 10,000 boxes of "The First Treatment Against antisemitism" are available online, at a price stating from 5 euros, in the European Jewish organization’s website (  The OJE launches a different and daring campaign in the war against antisemitism.


Each Antisemitox box contains three honey sweets, a fake patch and legislation reminding the penalties expected for people expressing antisemitism. "The honey in the pills works immediately to sooth anti-Semitic words and behavior at the onset of the first symptoms: insults, swearing, aggression, revisionist delusions and quenelle gestures, Friday night fever (Sabbath fever), anti-Zionism”, says the OJE’s website. The organization, founded a few months ago and including few hundreds members, ensures that "all donations collected by this unique campaign will finance its fight against antisemitism."


In Tuesday’s Le Parisien newspaper, the advertiser who stands behind the campaign, Franck Tapero (a former adviser to Nicolas Sarkozy), said he hopes to create buzz on social media networks by creating an "electric shock". “We often speak of Jewish humor, so why not use it to defend the Jewish community?" Said OJE’s president, Jean-Claude Zerat. Roger Cukierman, the president of the Representative Council of Jewish Institutions in France (CRIF), welcomes "an excellent, friendly and painless idea," although  he "doubt that this placebo can heal the most serious cases." Now, they all will examine the reaction of Internet users.