France / 28-11-2013

French comic receives hefty fine for antisemitic comments


French comic Dieudonné has been ordered to pay a 28,000 euros fine by a Paris appeals court for incitement to racial hatred following comments made against Jews.


He had appealed an earlier decision of a lower court which awarded a 28,000 euros fine.


Dieudonné has used the well-known French song about hot cocoa by Annie Cordy with a satirical version known as “Shoah nanas”. His supporters have utilised the similar sounding “chaud ananas”, the latter word meaning pineapples, to brandish the exotic fruit during his performances.


Dieudonné has six previous convictions for antisemitic incitement.


Une violente altercation a opposé le journaliste Frédéric Haziza et des supporters de Dieudonné