Switzerland / 31-07-2013

Prison term for antisemitic expressions spread via the internet

Source: rts

Genève – On Wednesday, a 55-year-old man who published articles of antisemitic nature on the internet was handed a six months suspended sentence in the magistrate court in Genève. He was accused of racial discrimination.


The articles were aimed at all the Jews - claimed the court’s president. He also added that the defendant referred to antisemitism as a natural thing, and that by denying certain proofs he completely denies the holocaust.


The fifty articles that were published between January 2010 and May 2013 are justiciable in accordance with anti-racial penalty standards.


That person was also found guilty of libel, chiefly because he referred to the “Organization for inter-community co-ordination against antisemitism and defamation (CICAD) as a “corrupt organization”.


The court also reserved the decision concerning the disobedience to be implemented as it saw fit.


The man, who was ordered several times by the court to remove the controversial articles, failed to do so.