Germany / 29-07-2013

Archbishop Schick warns the Catholic Church against antsemitism and racism


Ludwig SchickLudwig Schick

Ludwig Schick, the Archbishop of the city of Bamberg, calls for vigilance against manifestations of antisemitism, racism and extremism in the Catholic Church.


He claims that those in charge of seminars “must be sensitive, open their eyes and ears and be watchful for any phenomenon of this type. “At the middle of the week Schick intends, together with the Würzburg bishop, Friedhelm Hofmann, to submit a report concerning radical rightist plots in the Würzburg seminar for priests.


Students at the priest’s seminar told a joke about Jews in a concentration camp and participated in a concert of the Frei.Wild band. The committee that was appointed by the church collected the testimony of about 30 people. In view of the investigation Schick warns his church: “we must do anything we can to thwart any antisemitic and racist tendencies.”