Antisemitism in the Arab and Muslim World


Today, the main centers of focused, organized and widespread dissemination of antisemitism today are in the Muslim world in general and the Arab world in particular. Respectable publishing houses, large numbers of newspapers, television channels and radio stations are all involved in formulating extremely crass antisemitic messages and spreading them throughout the Arab world. Iran and Syria have outdone themselves and have made the dissemination of antisemitism an element in their foreign policies. (In Iran, entire government agencies are employed toward this end; while in Syria the media serve as the regime's mouthpiece). Their aim is to present the Jew as Satan, a bloodthirsty monster, the cause of all the trouble in the world intent on taking over the world while dispossessing the Palestinians of their land, among other things, by inventing the myth of the Holocaust which paved the way for implementing this plans with no opposition from the other countries of the world. Thus, denial of the Holocaust is so widespread in the Arab and Muslim world.


Where does this huge hatred of the Jews in the Arab and Muslim world spring from?


Firstly, this antagonism has clear roots both in the Koran and in the Hadith (a huge compendium of sayings attributed to the Prophet Muhammad, the founder of Islam). In these books the Jews are portrayed as haters of the Islamic religion, traitors, killers of prophets and so forth. In addition, the war of the Muslims against the Jews is viewed as one of the steps towards "Judgment Day" (the End of Days) after which Islam will rule. Thus the anti-Jewish element is very prominent in the Muslim religion. Unfortunately, not one of the great thinkers of the various streams of Islam today has stood up and cleansed the Jews of the sins attributed to them in Muslim Holy Scriptures, as did, for example, the Catholic Church in 1965 (Nostra Aetate) when it declared that the Jews are not to blame for the crucifixion of Jesus.


Second, the hatred has been exacerbated by the Israeli-Arab conflict by means of virulent antisemitic incitement by a variety of Arab elements: terrorists, both regime and opposition forces, intellectual circles and trade unions.


Third, antisemitic is carried along on the wave of feelings of injustice and frustration in the Arab world resulting from the failure to extricate itself from frequent crises plaguing it and against the background of involvement of Arabs and Muslims in terror attacks all over the world, such as the attacks on the Trade Center in New York. Many in the Arab world, unfortunately and with the exception of a small and brave minority, tend to blame external factors for the frequent crises plaguing them rather than to look into themselves for the causes of their failures, or how to promote their societies and economies into channels that will benefit their Peoples and their countries.


What are the objectives of the disseminators of antisemitism in the Arab world and in Iran?


Their first objective is to deny the legitimacy of the existence of the State of Israel by presenting Israel as Satan, as a monster in hobnailed boots. In other words: their objective is to demonize and dehumanize Israel. This kind of antisemitism lead by Iran, Hizballah and Palestinian terrorist elements, is designed to deprive the Jews of a human face and to lay the path towards the destruction of the State of Israel and the murder of its citizens in terror attacks. Have your ever questioned how a Palestinian terrorist is capable of the cold blooded murder of Israelis: the children, the elderly, the innocent men and women? What feeds his passion for murdering Israeli families? Reference here is not to suicide attacks like those of the Kurds in Turkey or in Sri Lanka by the Tamils, attacks directed mainly at military personnel and elements of the establishment and the regime. The murder like this of Jews is possible only after antisemitic brainwashing has deprived the Jew of a human face, turning him into Satan and a monster thus making him fair game. Remember, this is exactly the manner in which the Nazis operated.


Moreover, this antisemitic propaganda also serves Palestinians and Arabs as the launch pad for the defaming of Israel in the regional and international arenas with the aim of forcing it to make political and territorial concessions without the Arab side having to concede anything. In promoting this propaganda, these Arab elements make use of the ties they have with leftist and radical circles in the world that incite against Israel, making false accusations against it, totally ignoring the murderous terror attacks against Israel or its right to defend itself, presenting it as an apartheid state and promoting boycotts against it.


The dangers posed by this antisemitism go far beyond the terrorists who are incited by it. It poses a serious threat to the State of Israel and to the Jewish People because it has brainwashed entire generations in the Arab and Muslim world thus preventing true peace between the two nations. On the contrary, it increases the chances that the Israeli-Arab conflict will go on.


Moreover, Arab antisemitic propaganda has for quite some time gone beyond the borders of the Middle East, and is disseminated through various means in the Muslim communities all over the world, especially in the West. For example, antisemitic books written in Arabic have been distributed in Britain; Iranian antisemitic books are available in Germany and so forth. A Syrian-Hizballah TV series was broadcast all over the world via satellite, and Iranian antisemitic films were screened in The Netherlands. This incitement of the Muslim populations in the Western countries is expressed in antisemtic attacks against the Jewish citizens of those countries, and creates deep feelings of trepidation in the Jewish communities in the Diaspora.


The Coordinating Forum for Combating Antisemitism (CFCA) is sounding the alarm against the dangers of this Arab and Muslim antisemitism and is calling on all those Arabs and Muslims who oppose it not to remain silent any longer but raise to their voices against it, to denounce it and to work towards promoting a dialogue for co-existence between Jews and Muslims all over the world.


The CFCA calls on every man and woman who encounters this antisemitism whether in written propaganda disseminated in books, or video tapes or on the Internet; whether it takes the form of physical violence against Jews resulting from incitement by radical Muslim elements, the Forum should be informed immediately.


Have you seen an Arabic-language antisemitic publication in your town or in your neighborhood? Let us know.


Do you have an antisemitic publication in your possession? Tell us about them.


Have you heard of incitement by Muslims against Jews in your country? Report it to us.


Have you been witness to attacks of Jews by radical Muslims? Report it to us.


We thank you for your cooperation and wish you the best of everything in a better world of peace and brotherhood between Peoples.


There are serious elements in Israel and it the world which monitor this antisemitism. Among them:


The Information Center for Intelligence and Terrorism


MEMRI – The Institute for the Research of the Media in the Arab World


Palestinian Media Watch


The Anti-Defamation League (ADL)


Log on to these websites and see for yourself just how ugly and widespread this antisemtism is.


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