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Denmark / 01-09-2012

Denmark – Antisemitic incidents, September 2012



An Israeli representative of the Magen David Adom was attacked at Copenhagen Central Station by 3 Arab-looking men.



A jewish female employee at the disco "Tempo" in central Copenhagen was assualted by a bouncer of Palestinian decent.

The night in question she is at the disco as a guest and has been there all night.

She and the bouncer talk together about boxing when it turns physical. It escalates from repeated hard blows on her shoulder to stranglehold, where she has problems with breathing.

It all takes place inside the disco.

It ends with her escaping from the stranglehold. The bouncer then yells at her that she should take her things and get lost while also shouting different things in Arabic which are perceived as "fucking jew" and the like.



Guards in front of the synagogue were verbally abused by a person passing by on bicycles. The person shouted "Nazi's".



In central Copenhagen a Jewish woman and her male relative who was wearing a kippa were walking, when a car passed by and the a person in the car shouted "Fuck Israel"



3 members of the Jewish reform congregation in Denmark, Shir Hatzafon, were verbally assaulted outside their synagogue after service by 3 Arab looking men in a car.