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Britain / 30-08-2012

David Icke is a Holocaust denier!


London - Icke’s up to his usual tricks of spreading nasty holocaust denial propaganda—He’s advocating reading James Bacque’s book: Other Losses, which claims that US General Dwight Eisenhower, deliberately caused the deaths of a million German prisoners in internment camps from 1944 to 1949. This book has been reviewed by many internationally respected professional historians, and is universally regarded as a work of fiction. Oh, how surprising—Icke’s quoting fictional books as being factual again…


Meanwhile back in the real world—There is absolutely no credible evidence anywhere, that a million German POWs were starved to death in interment camps by the United States Army. No one single American soldier, General, etc, etc, has ever mentioned a word about this vast, alleged conspiracy to commit mass murder. Considering the scale of the alleged genocide, it would’ve been totally impossible to keep something like this a secret. Somebody somewhere would’ve said something about it. What about all the bodies? Is there any evidence at all of mass graves? What would the Americans have done with all these bodies? Further to this, not one single German soldier has ever mentioned this alleged genocide.


James Bacque’s book is complete rubbish. I find it intensely annoying that Mr Icke sees fit to advocate reading garbage like Other Losses, describing the alleged genocide it portrays, as the ‘real’ death camps. This implies that Mr Icke still believes, that the real Holocaust in which some six million Jews were systematically exterminated (and for which there is loads of evidence), is a hoax!!! This is called Holocaust Denial or Holocaust Revisionism. There is only one conclusion to be drawn from Icke’s support for books like Other Losses, and his denial of the Jewish Holocaust—David Icke, is a Jew hating, Holocausting denying, Nazi conspiracy theorist!!!