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Ukraine / 14-06-2017

Vandals have desecrated the grave of the daughter of Rebbe Nachman in Kremenchug

Source: hidabroot

Kremenchug - In Kremenchug Poltava region vandals again desecrated the grave of the eldest daughter of the Holy tzaddik, Rabbi Nachman of Bratslav – Sary. About it reported in Department of police of Kremenchug.


According to law enforcement, vandals set fire to the house of burial, and the monument is completely broke.


On the given fact the police has begun check.


“Now we register this information. During the day give a legal assessment of the offense. In the near future will begin the search for the attackers,” – said the press officer of the Kremenchug city Department of police, Anna Vasenko.


It is noted that the house on the burial site of daughter of the Holy tzaddik – Sary in Kremenchug defile for the fourth time. This tomb is located in the town cemetery near the former artsclub.