Argentina / 18-04-2017

Judge orders that a blog with antisemitic content be shut down

Source: ARG Noticias

Immediately after the complaint of the umbrella organization of the Jewish communities in Argentina, on April 10, Judge Carlos Bentolila, who is in charge of the Criminal Court of Buenos Aires, ordered the immediate shut down of the access to the blog's website ( by the local Internet service providers.


Bentolila noted that: "All the evidence gathered so far allows us to assume with the degree of certainty required by law that the authors (and/or administrators) of the “Forbidden Opinion” (La Opinión Prohibida) blog published and disseminated some 300 articles with antisemitic content encouraging or inciting persecution or hatred against the Jewish community, and the assumption is that they have been doing so as from 2013."


In addition, the judge noted that: "It is impossible to pose an argument regarding the presumed limitation on the dissemination of ideas as a justification for the non-cancellation of publications and their retention, since they do not mention how the use of defamatory expressions such as those encountered by a simple reading of the portal enriches public discourse. Hence, in my opinion, preventive defense such as the one laid down here is an unusual assumption, which allows for a positive response to the request for shutting down submitted by the honorable Public Prosecutor, while in the meantime the personal rights of members of the Argentine Jewish community are substantially impaired, whenever the publications whose publication they wish to restrict constitute blatant incitement to hatred and persecution."