United States / 18-04-2017

RWNJ goes full antisemite, blames ‘Jewish Organizations’ for ‘perverting our culture’ (video)

Source: LiberalAmerica

Charles JenningsCharles Jennings

It has been amply demonstrated that whenever the religious right says it only wants a place at the table for Americans with “traditional values,” it’s a sham. Whenever their leaders think they’re in unguarded moments where only their followers are listening, their true colors come out. One of the starkest examples of this came on Monday morning, when one of the religious right’s most extreme personalities went on a rant that is staggeringly loony even by religious right standards. He actually blamed Jewish organizations for attempting to destroy American culture.


Dave Daubenmire

In a movement full of loathsome characters, Dave Daubenmire is one of the most loathsome of all. The former high school coach-turned-evangelist believes that non-Christians have no right to sit in judgment of Christians, and that Hillary Clinton had no business running for president because she’s a woman. He’s also a full-blown conspiracy theorist; when Jeff Sessions was finally confirmed as attorney general, he openly hoped that Sessions would blow the lid on Pizzagate.


But those statements are models of sanity and restraint compared to what he spewed on Monday. People for the American Way’s Right Wing Watch got a clip.



Daubenmire’s special guest was Charles Jennings, the head of Truth in History, a fringe Pentecostal outfit in Owasso, Oklahoma. Jennings told Daubenmire’s audience that Jews are behind a long-standing conspiracy to erode America’s supposed Christian foundation. He argued that this goes back to the time when the Jews were responsible for crucifying Jesus–and therefore, Jews have always been “the enemies of Jesus Christ.” For some time, he has argued that the true Israelites are to be found in the United Kingdom and the United States. This sounds like a new twist on British Israelism, the racist notion that Anglo-Saxons and their descendants are the true descendants of the Israelites.