Online gaming community infested with Jew hatred, as Islamists and neo-Nazis chat online about killing Jews

Source: Campaign Against Antisemitism

Steam, the global online gaming platform with almost 100 million users, including large numbers of children, has 11,903 users going under the name of Adolf Hitler, 3,611 users naming themselves after Osama Bin Laden, and countless others adopting online sobriquets based on genocidal and terrorist antisemitic namesakes. Searching for user names containing “Juden”, “Nazi” and similar terms also returns thousands upon thousands of brazenly antisemitic profiles. 


Despite Steam’s online code of conduct prohibiting users from doing anything to “abuse” or “harass” others, and demanding that users do nothing to “inhibit any other user from using and enjoying Steam services”, antisemitic hatred seems to be rife on the platform, with Islamists and neo-Nazis even discussing what it might be like to kill Jews in real life.


SteamSteam is owned by Valve Corporation. It is literally providing the online playground in which children spend hours interacting with each other and hardcore antisemites. Finding evidence of antisemitism on Steam could not be easier, and if we can find so much of it so easier, so should Valve’s online moderators. These antisemitic users should be banned.


You may wish to contact Valve’s CEO, Gabe Newell at gaben@valvesoftware.com, to politely ask him why Steam is so infested with brazen antisemites.