United States / 10-03-2017

Poll: Hate on the rise in America, antisemitism more of a concern

Source: poll.qu.edu

A majority of voters say that there has been an increase in hatred and prejudice since the election of President Donald Trump. A new Quinnipiac University poll also found an increase in the number of Americans concerned about antisemitism. 


In the nationwide poll of 1,323 voters, 63% said that the level of prejudice and hatred has increased in the United States since Trump’s election. Thirty-two percent said that it has not changed, and 2% say that hatred and prejudice has decreased during that time. There is a big gap between how Democrats and Republicans feel on the question, with 84% of Democrats saying hatred is on the rise, compared to 62% of independents and 42% of Republicans.


Recent acts of vandalism and bomb threats against Jewish community centers and other facilities have voters concerned about a rise in antisemitism. Thirty-five percent of voters say that prejudice against Jewish people is a “very serious” problem in the United States. Thirty-five percent said that it is “somewhat serious,” 19% said it is “not so serious,” and 10% said it is “not at all” serious. Those numbers have shifted significantly in just one month. In a Feburary 8 survey, only 13% of Americans viewed antisemitism as a “very serious” problem in the United States, with 29% saying it is “not so serious” of a problem.


President Trump is receiving mixed reviews for his response to the threats against the Jewish community. Thirty-seven percent of voters said that they approve of the president’s handling of the incidents, while 38% said they disapprove. A fairly large number of respondents, 25%, either do not have an opinion or did not answer the question.


The margin of error for the poll is plus or minus 2.7 points.