Britain / 05-03-2017

Jaroslaw Goloshko convicted after shouting “Heil Hitler” and performing Nazi salute at Jews on Christmas day

Source: CAA

Jaroslaw Goloshko has been convicted of a racially aggravated public order offence after choosing to spend his Christmas Day last year shouting “Heil Hitler” and performing a Nazi salute directed at Jewish passersby. Goloshko was spotted by volunteers from Shomrim Stamford Hill whilst out on patrol. They followed him and called the police who came and arrested him.


Shomrim volunteers do not simply alert the police to antisemitic criminals; they also provide statements and regularly give evidence in court, which is what they did in this case, helping to ensure that Goloshko was convicted.


Goloshko did not appear in court and was convicted in his absence. The court issued a warrant for his arrest.