Britain / 23-02-2017

New report alleges antisemitism among Palestine Solidarity Campaign activists


Dozens of leading supporters of the Palestine Solidarity Campaign have engaged in antisemitic activity online, a new report into the group claims


A 79-page dossier published on Wednesday reveals an antisemitic mind-set is prevalent among senior PSC members according to evidence collected over two years by David Collier, a Jewish blogger and activist.


Mr Collier attended events run by local branches of the group and said he had discovered hundreds of links between prominent PSC members and antisemites.


Jew-hatred had been “present consistently”, he said. Among the examples Mr Collier collected were cases of Holocaust denial, suggestions of a global Jewish conspiracy, and claims Mossad carried out the July 7 terror attacks in London.


Mr Collier, a British activist who lived in Israel for 19 years, worked independently to collate the evidence and said the research suggested Jew-hate “is the fuel that primes the PSC engine”.


The PSC is Britain’s main pro-Palestinian group and is chaired by Hugh Lanning, a former Labour parliamentary candidate and ex-trade union director. Its patrons include academic Ilan Pappe, film director Ken Loach, Baroness Tonge, and Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn.  There is no suggestion in the report that any of the patrons were personally involved in antisemitic activity.


There are dozens of active PSC branches across the country, with local members running speaker events, fundraising initiatives and urging companies and institutions to adopt a boycott of Israeli goods.


Mr Collier’s dossier shows hundreds of examples of PSC supporters and campaigners engaging in antisemitic activity. He said members “frequently cross the line between legitimate criticism of Israel and accusations that can be identified with classic antisemitic tropes”.


In one branch he found PSC supporters claiming Israel was harvesting Palestinian organs and suggesting Mossad had attacked Paris. One activist posted an online link to a video claiming the Holocaust was “the greatest lie ever told”.


On social media, thousands of articles promoted by pro-Palestinian supporters related to Jews orchestrating global terror attacks and encouraging paedophilia.