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United States / 06-02-2017

Swastika carved into wall of local synagogue during services

Source: news3lv

Las Vegas - A brazen act of vandalism at a local synagogue is captured on surveillance video after a suspect carved a swastika into a marble pillar.


The vandalism reportedly occurred Saturday afternoon during Sabbath services at Chabad of Southern Nevada, 1261 Arville St., near West Charleston Boulevard.


Surveillances cameras capture the vandalism in progress. The suspect jumps over the wall about 1:30 p.m., picks up a rock and walks over to a front pillar, where he carves a swastika into the marble.


“It’s shocking it’s done anywhere – but certainly to us, what we represent and what we stand for,” said Rabb Shea Harlig, who said this is the first time in 26 years the synagogue has been targeted with a swastika.



Harlig has this message for the suspect: “You should be ashamed of yourself ... maybe you don't understand the significance of what the swastika is and what the swastika means to the Jewish people.”


The suspect was spooked by a group of teenage boys inside the synagogue, including 14-year-old Yossi Harlig.


“I was sitting with my friends on the couch, and all of sudden we see someone coming up to the window and we see him writing something ... so we went over to the window so we started knocking,” said Yossi.


The boys went to search for help, but the suspect took off.


“Either he's demented or just he has a lot of hate in his heart ... perhaps both of them together,” said Rabbi Harlig, who is focused on promoting peace despite the defacing of the synagogue.


“We have to increase our acts of goodness and kindness to bring more light into this dark world and that happens through doing good deeds.”


A $1,000 reward is being offered for any information that leads to an arrest.

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