France / 01-02-2017

The number of antisemitic incidents decreased considerably during 2016

Source: lefigaro

In 2015, the number of racist, antisemitic and anti-Muslim incidents had reached a new record: the number of these incidents has decreased considerably during 2016; the ministry of the interior announced on Wednesday.


Since it first surpassed the record of 2000 incidents (2034 to be precise) in 2015, following the Islamist terrorist attacks in the months of January and November, on an overall scale, 1125 incidents have been reported in total during 2016, a decrease of 44.7%.


These incidents (acts of violence, arson, property damages..) and threats (incitement, graffiti, insult letters and so on) correspond with the facts that led to the complaint.


An almost identically similar decrease has been registered in the number of antisemitic incidents- by as much as 58.5% (335 during 2016 as opposed to 808 in the previous year) as well as anti-Muslim incidents- a total of 57.6% (182 in 2016 compared to 429 in 2015).


The number of racist incidents in its narrower definition (excluding antisemitic and Anti-Muslim incidents) has decreased less markedly, by as much as 23.7% (608 incidents in 2016 as opposed to 799 incidents in 2015).


For the ministry of the interior, this significant improvement “is“ the result of actions under taken by the government”, following the launch, in April 2015, of an action program costing 100 million Euro’s to “Fight racism, antisemitism and any other form of discrimination related to origin or religion”.


“Owing to an unprecedented recruitment of the services in our country, we have already reached very encouraging results, as is reflected in the statistics for 2016. This is a real source of contentment” is stated in the declaration made by the minister of the interior, Bruno Le Roux, to AFP; however, he claims to be wary of any “victory celebration”.