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Scotland / 05-02-2017

Holocaust denial flyers found on Glasgow University campus

Source: glasgowguardian

Glasgow - Antisemitic flyers suggesting the Holocaust is a fraud have been distributed around Glasgow University’s campus, The Glasgow Guardian has learned.


One of the flyers, which was found in the Boyd Orr building, was entitled “The Greatest Swindle of All Time” and urged students to visit a conspiracy theory website along with the hashtag “#holohoax”. The flyer included quotations from Norman Finkelstien, a controversial political scientist who has been a longstanding critic of Israel, writing that the Jewish people exploit the legacy of the Holocaust as an “ideological weapon” and a means to profit off of Western guilt.


The flyers refer to the Holocaust as “the greatest robbery in the history of mankind” and allege that “the field Holocaust studies is replete with nonsense if not sheer fraud”.


The flyers have also been found in the multiple buildings around campus, including the library and the chapel’s billboard.  The vice president of Edinburgh’s student union tweeted a picture of the same flyer found in the Boyd Orr two days ago.


It is not currently known who has been distributing the flyers around the campuses.