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Australia / 01-02-2017

Despicable antisemitic posts

Source: jewishnews

Melbourne - The B’nai B’rith Anti-Defamation Commission (ADC) has slammed a man with more than 18,000 followers on YouTube who claims that the Bourke Street tragedy and Thalia Hakin’s funeral were both fake and that “Jews are in on it”.


ADC chair Dvir Abramovich, who brought the videos to the attention of The AJN, said he is deeply distressed by the unrestrained hatred.


In a series of videos, the conspiracy theorist claims that “no car went down Bourke Street”, described the Hakin family as “Jew crisis actors”, and said he believes Thalia is still alive and that her mother Nathalie, who was seriously injured in the attack, is a fraud.


While showing images taken from the live stream of the funeral, he also claimed that “Jews are the tightest people in the world” and that is why there are no flowers or pictures of Thalia at the funeral.


“They ripped off $106,000 for her in donations,” he claimed.


Among dozens of horrific comments posted by viewers of the videos are ones stating “Jews are parasites and wreak havoc in what ever countries they invade” and that the Chevra Kadisha is the “Synagogue of Satan”.


“This individual has taken bone-chilling, contemptuous anti-Jewish conduct to a new level,” Abramovich told The AJN, adding, “This is one of the most despicable and unabashed displays of antisemitism I have ever seen.


“The fact these reprehensible videos have been viewed tens of thousands of times, and the troubling comments posted, demonstrate that there are those eager to openly embrace and spread conspiracy theories against the Jews.”


Abramovich said: “This should serve as a wake-up call that there are individuals in our midst who are determined to stereotype and scapegoat Jews, and who will use every tactic available to attract followers and promote their ideology of lies.”


In other YouTube videos seen by The AJN, the poster has claimed ISIS is the “Israeli Secret Intelligence Service”, that the Holocaust is “the greatest lie ever told”, that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is behind all terrorist attacks across the world, and that several attacks, including the Orlando nightclub shooting, the Brussels bombings and the Sydney siege, are all fake.


“People are going to call me antisemite now because I’ve made a few videos attacking the Jews,” he said in another video.


“Sorry, but if you’re going to fucking lie to me I’m going to put it out there.”