Germany / 26-01-2017

A sharp increase in the number of antisemitic crimes in Bavaria

Source: welt

The number of antisemitic crimes, including murder and manslaughter- has seen an increase of up to a third in 2016. Almost all the crimes were committed by the radical right.


Last year 176 antisemitic crimes were recorded in Bavaria, meaning an increase of 33% (versus 132 in 2015). In most cases (162), police attributed the crimes to criminals who stem from radical right environment, as had been said in response to a request by the Social Democratic party (SPD) at the Landtag (representative assembly) of Bavaria, based on primary data collected by the police.


For one out of every ten cases, foreigners were held accountable. In three cases they could not be classified. In 115 cases massive incitement campaigns by the radical right were listed as criminal acts over the course of the past year, and 19 times an investigation was carried out due to use of illegal and offensive symbols. The gravity of the crimes also became more serious: in 2015 three cases of assault were recorded. In the past year, in addition to serious violent crimes, threats and damage to property, there had also been two cases of injury, two incidents of manslaughter and one murder.