Poll: 85% of Jews worldwide experienced or saw antisemitism

Source: 20il

A staggering 85% of Jews around the world have witnessed or experienced antisemitism at some point, according to a new survey by the World Zionist Organization's International Center for Countering Antisemitism. The poll also found that around 50% of respondents from Europe and North America said they had either witnessed or experienced antisemitism in the past year.


The survey, of 702 respondents who identify as Jewish and do not live in Israel, was published Thursday, ahead of Israel's National Day to Combat Antisemitism and International Holocaust Remembrance Day, which are set to coincide on Jan. 27.


According to the survey, 67% of respondents witnessed or experienced antisemitic incidents involving abusive language and insults; 20% said they had witnessed or experienced antisemitism in the form of threats; 13% said they had either experienced or witnessed antisemitic violence.


Perhaps most troubling, 73% of respondents who either experienced or witnessed antisemitic violence said they did not report the incident to authorities.


Respondents were also asked if they feel comfortable walking around their neighborhood with identifying markers, such as a Star of David or kippah. Some 72% of European respondents said they do not feel safe exhibiting their Jewishness in public. Around 22% of North American respondents shared that sentiment.


According to the survey, around 80% of respondents from around the world believe the politicians in their country are antisemitic to some extent.