France / 28-12-2016

2016 : a considerable drop in the number of Antisemitic and Anti-Muslim incidents in France

Source: Le Figaro

While the year 2015 was marked by a rise in the number of Antisemitic and Anti-Muslim incidents, the year 2016 sees a stabilization and even a drop of around 65% and 60%, respectively, in the number of incidents. These estimates are not yet final and must thus be examined with caution, according to the representatives of both religions.


The drop is remarkable : 65% and 60% decrease. This is the level of decrease according to the surveys carried out in France between the months of January and November 2016. According to the governmental estimates acquired by « Le Figaro » if the around 808 Antisemitic crimes and incidents that have been registered in 2015 are taken into account, the temporary estimates for 2016 go down to 294. Addressing the complaints filed in regard to Anti Muslim threats and incidents, the surveys for 2015 have shown a record of 429 complaints which went down to 173 in the period between January and November 2016.


The action plan to combat racism and Antisemitism, which was launched on the 17th of April 2015 and was declared « A top priority national plan for the year 2016 » by Francois Hollande, is yielding results. According to the inter-ministerial delegation against racism and antisemitism (DILCRA), this decrease in the number of Antisemitic and Anti-Muslim crimes in France is due to tough government policy based on a three dimensional battle that includes combating racial hatred online, state media addressing the problem by regularly publishing its findings, and the reinforcement of criminal law measures to deal with the incoming complaints. We can note the juridical rigidity by viewing the following numbers: in 2015, 7,251 crimes committed due to the religion or origin of the victim, were filed compared to 6,086 in 2014 and 5,397 in 2013. The DILCRA also reported 80 cases of racist speech or slander since April 2015. Additionally, the cooperation between organizations like the DILCRA and the authorities has contributed significantly to the rise in tolerance in France.