Austria / 20-11-2016

One-third of Muslim youth in Vienna are « Antisemitic, homophobic and sympathising with Jihad »

Source: wien

27 percent of young Muslim respondents in Vienna support Jihad, 47 percent hold antisemitic views


“Antisemitic, homophobic and sympathising with Jihad.” This is how the latest study looking into the attitudes of young Muslims living in the city of Vienna. The study commissioned by the city reveals that nearly one-third of the Muslim youth living in the Austrian capital hold radical Islamic views and support armed Jihad against the West.


The leftist coalition running the city attacked the findings of the study that yet again reveal the clutching hold of Islamism over Europe’s migrant Muslim population. The study also exposes the failure of Multiculturalism, a policy pursued for decades by Social Democrats and ecological Green Party, who run the Austrian capital.


The study also highlights Europe’s lingering Antisemitism. 33 percent of all young Viennese respondents held negative opinion of Jews — among Muslim respondents that number was 47 percent.  


The study once again shows that other European metropoles too are fast catching up with Paris, Brussels and Stockholm. The rise in Muslim populations owing to higher birth-rates and unrestricted migration goes hand in hand with radicalisation of European inner cities.