Belgium / 17-07-2016

2015 Antisemitism report


Since 2001, had been reviewing antisemitic incidents throughout Belgium, and publishing annual reports on antisemitism. In this document, you will find a list of all the incidents recorded, our work methods, as well as the analysis of the past year.


Events recorded and analyzed in this report are those provided to us or for which a racism complaint had been filed already. Of course, the data in this analysis reflect a tendency and not an accurate snapshot of anti-Semitism in Belgium.


As long as members of the Jewish community will feel insecure, and rightly so, as long as Jewish institutions will need protection, as long as the Jews will not be able to walk around safely as any other Belgian citizen when they are wearing a clear sign of being Jewish (yarmulke, Star of David ...), we must fight antisemitism, and the political authorities must invest all the necessary means to for this combat.


Report on Antisemitism in Belgium 2015