Italy / 18-07-2016

2015 Antisemitism report

Source: osservatorioantisemitismo

In 2015 the Observatory on Antisemitism of the Jewish Contemporary Documentation Center Foundation – CDEC, a nonprofit social utility organization (ONLUS), recorded some ninety episodes of antisemitism, representing an increase over the years 2012 and 2013 but similar in quantity to records from 2014. One indicator that did continue to grow from 2014 to 2015 is web-based antisemitism, a trend observed both in Europe and generally around the world.


Information on these episodes has been gathered from the individuals involved in the incidents (victims), communications by Jewish communities or other organizations, public sources (newspapers, radio, web, etc.), and studies and analyses by institutions and organizations in Europe and elsewhere in the world.


The Observatory’s Antisemitism Antenna provides a means for gathering information from victims or witnesses of episodes of anti-Semitism who call the toll-free number.


Anti-Jewish prejudice in the form of opinions and words is not confined to any one social, cultural or political class but cuts across all such boundaries. Antisemitic discourse finds expression in various milieux, not necessarily extremist, depending on the paradigm they draw on: conspiracy theory, Holocaust denial (negationism), demonization of Israel.


Hostile anti-Jewish actions are the hallmark of extremist political groups (right, left, Islamist).